Ever heard of Igloo?? I am sure yes! But ever heard of Igloo café?? Well, good news folks, India’s first igloo café is now open. It is not only the first igloo café in India but is the largest of Asia as well. The café is owned by Syed Waseem Shah and is situated in Gulmarg, Kashmir. The place where it is situated is part of the Kolahoi Green Group of Hotels and Resorts. The exact location of the resort is the Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas at an altitude of 2,650m. 

Let’s have a look.


Isn’t it beautiful! The igloo café is 22 feet wide and 12.5 feet high from the inside. It can accommodate about 16 people at any given point in time. 

It took a team of 20 people who worked two shifts for about 15 days to complete the entire structure. The café owner shared that the response they have been receiving is overwhelming. It has become a tourist attraction for the domestic travellers. For them it’s a novelty. It is a place where people can come, have a cup of Kahwa waiting for their food to arrive, while sitting on benches made of ice. All the seats are covered with animal skin rugs. The interior consists of side tables which are made of ice and snow. Other than that it also showcases accent lighting and Kashmiri art work.