In a dramatic early morning incident at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport, an IndiGo flight bound for Varanasi faced a bomb scare, prompting authorities to swing into action and evacuate all passengers safely. The incident unfolded around 5:40 am when a chilling message, “BOMB BLAST @30 MINUTES,” was discovered by the pilot on a piece of paper in the lavatory of the aircraft.

Swift Response and Stringent Security Protocols

As soon as the threat was identified, the IndiGo flight 6E2211, carrying 176 passengers, was immediately diverted to an isolation bay, away from the main terminal area. In a coordinated effort, aviation security personnel and a specialized bomb disposal team were deployed to the scene, initiating a thorough investigation and screening process.

Passenger Safety – The Top Priority

Putting passenger safety at the forefront, the airline and airport authorities swiftly evacuated all individuals from the aircraft through emergency exits. Visuals from the scene depicted passengers calmly disembarking onto the tarmac, a testament to the professionalism and efficiency of the response teams.

Thorough Inspections and Investigations Underway

While initial inspections have not uncovered any suspicious items or explosives, the aircraft remains grounded and under intense scrutiny. IndiGo, in a statement, assured that all necessary security checks are being conducted as per guidelines, and the aircraft will be repositioned at the terminal area only after the completion of these comprehensive checks.

Rising Concerns Over Hoax Threats

This incident comes amidst a concerning trend of hoax bomb threats targeting various establishments, including schools, hospitals, and transportation hubs, across multiple cities in recent weeks. While these threats have proven to be false alarms, they have highlighted the need for heightened vigilance and robust security measures to safeguard public safety.

Authorities Remain Vigilant

Authorities have reiterated their commitment to thoroughly investigating every threat, regardless of its nature, to ensure the well-being of citizens. They have urged the public to remain calm and report any suspicious activities or information to the relevant authorities promptly.

As the investigation into the IndiGo flight bomb scare continues, the aviation industry and law enforcement agencies remain resolute in their efforts to maintain the highest standards of security and safety for travelers.


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