An Indonesian woman recently received a shocking albeit a late wedding gift when she found out that her husband was actually a woman, an realization that came to her 10 months into her marriage. Earlier last week, the alleged 22-year-old woman in question with the initials NA took to the social media to share her plight, receiving media frenzy and public spotlight.

The woman took to the social media to share her account after the Jambi District Court heard the case of the husband in question, with the initials AA on Tuesday last week.

The victim, NA, claimed that she met her partner on a dating app. The man told the victim that he was a trained surgeon who also has an established coal business. After brief phase involving dating, the couple got married in a secret marriage.

That was unfortunately the end of the blissful love life of the couple as the woman moved away from her family and started to live at her new home. After moving in with her partner, the woman started getting harassed by the groom for money. Reportedly, the woman and her family were duped of Rs. 15.7 lakhs (£16,537) by the groom.

While sharing her plight on social media, the woman also told netizens that her partner would always turn off the lights and blindfold her before getting intimate.

The Facts of the Matter

Often partners in a particular relationship find out some shocking secrets of their partners. From a partner’s alcohol and drug habit, to their debt-ridden financial burdens, partners are forced to endure massive shocks after marriage. However, what happens when a partner gets to know that their significant other had lied about their gender since the very beginning.

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Indonesia Woman Alleges Husband Actually a Woman

A woman in Indonesia has recently garnered attention of public and media by accusing her partner for duping her and not revealing her true gender. The woman, according to court papers, is NA and has dragged her partner, identified as AA in the court documents.

According to a Metro report, the victim entered into a relationship with the “man” she met through dating platform. The accused, AA, told the victim that he is a trained surgeon who has a coal business.

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Accused Started Harassing Bride for Money

After a brief courtship period, the couple got married. After the marriage, the accused made sure the victim moves away from her family and stays with him.

After getting married, the accused started harassing his new bride for money. The victim has alleged that she has been duped of Rs. 15.7 lakhs (£16,537). As the accused continued to pester and harass the victim for money, her family became suspicious, keeping in mind that the accused promised of being in an impressive career.

Moving Away, Controlling Finances

To avoid family’s suspicion, the couple moved out to live in South Sumatra. This was when the accused confined the victim to a house for months. While the couple lived together in South Sumatra, the accused had complete access to the victim’s finances and controlled the same. In April, the victim’s parents finally took to the police and the pair was tracked down.

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What Happened Behind Closed Doors

The woman shared her plight on social media after the court heard the two sides. On her allegations that her partner was actually a woman, she received various queries on her intimate life with the partner. To this the victim answered that her partner used to turn off the lights and used to blindfold her before getting intimate.


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