In a heartwarming development reported form Indore, a female cop, who posed as a cheerful student at a medical college in the city, ended up cracking a ragging case and got 11 accused arrested. The seemingly cheerful and bubbly cop went on an undercover mission, where she posed as a student in Indore’s MGM Medical College, and won the confidence of her batchmates. In process, she also ended up cracking a troubling ragging case, where juniors were being forced to do objectionable acts on their seniors’ demands.

The cop in question was identified as 24-year-old Shalini Chouhan. Chouhan was inducted in the police force recently and her first mission, was to go undercover, and crack a slowly growing ragging case. She posed as a studious yet cheerful student, who was laden with books. For weeks, she sat in the canteen, “chilled” with fellow students, and started observing the troubling ragging that was bubbling under the surface.

Slowly and surely, she was able to find incriminating evidences against the accused. The accused seniors used to call juniors to a flat, and then force them into objectionable acts.

Thanks to Shalini’s actions, 11 students were nabbed and were suspended from the college. A shy person in real life, Shalini’s is a commerce graduate, whose father working in police, died in 2010.

The Facts of the Matter

Undercover missions are perhaps the most underrated and relatively fewer known acts of bravery cops get involved in, which lead to arrests and a curb in illegal activities.

Due to the secret nature of such missions, brave officers often go uncelebrated and unacknowledged. Today, we are talking about one such undercover cop from Indore, who ended up cracking a shocking ragging case in Indore, which led to at least 11 students nabbed.

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Meet Undercover Cop Shalini Chouhan

The cop, identified as 24-year-old Shalini Chouhan, posed as a student in Indore’s MGM Medical College, and helped the city’s police to crack down a case of ragging. A case, which would have remained unresolved, had it not been for the female cop’s undercover mission.

Shalini Chouhan was recently inducted in the Indore police, and got posted at Sanyogitaganj police station. Her first case was a blind ragging case which was brewing at the city’s premiere medical college. To crack the case, Chouhan posed as a first-year MBBS student and started observing the ins and outs of various students in the college.

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How A Commerce Student Turned Cop Posed as Medico

Thanks to her disarming smile and cheerful personality, she easily won the trust of students in college. Further, her demenour of a girl-next-door, also supported her in going undercover without raising suspicion.

Interestingly enough, Chouhan has nothing to do with medical studies, and is a commerce student in real-life. However, this did not stop her from winning over the trust of her batchmates as she sat in the college canteen, carried a tote bag with books, and spoke to other students.

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“Looks like a student..”: Officer-in-charge Gives Details

“She looks like a college-going student and is very sweet to talk to, unlike the other police officials, because of which the students started trusting her easily,” officer-in-charge Tehzib Qasi told TOI.

Slowly and surely Shalini Chouhan was able to gather evidences of ragging which corroborated with the anonymous complaint cops had received earlier. Accused students had rented an apartment, and would order the juniors to show up and then indulge in various objectionable actions.

Shalini was inducted with the force recently, and hails from Bagli, a small town in Dewas, Madhya Pradesh. Her father, who died back in 2010, was also a cop, and serves as an inspiration for her.


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