In a bizarre turn of events, an Indore influencer, Shreya Kalra, got in trouble after dancing on city’s Rasoma Square. She is likely to be booked, as Madhya Pradesh home affairs minister Naorattam Mishra claimed that he has urged the traffic police to take action against her.

Reportedly, the influencer danced on the city’s busiest corner when the traffic lights showed red. As the traffic signal turned green, she ended her dance, and asked people watching the video to wear masks.


The obsession to go viral and stay relevant can make a person go to some bizarre lengths. From TikTok to Instagram, to Twitter, netizens are looking to create that one meme or video which can make them viral. While their attempts are usually harmless, it sometimes put them or people around them in danger.

In one such incident, an Indore girl landed in trouble after she danced on the city’s busiest square.

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The Facts of the Matter

With about 249 thousand followers on Instagram, model and influencer Shreya took her ‘influencer-game’ up a notch. She did that by dancing on Indore’s Rasoma Square – one of the busiest crossroads in Indore.

In the video, one can see that Shreya runs up to the zebra crossing on the road. Dressed in a black top, she danced to Let Me Be Your Woman as people waited patiently for the traffic lights to turn green. Further, she went on to ask people to wear mask.

She also went on the write, “Please do not break the rules – red sign means you have to stop at the signal not because I’m dancing and wear your masks guys,” as the caption.

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Although, the video has gone viral, something that Shreya intended, she has been receiving a lot of flak by the netizens. People are slamming Shreya for promoting reckless behaviour on busy roads and are labeling the incident as a ‘publicity stunt’.

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Traffic Violation Notice Served

Not only did the video not go well with the masses, it also irked the Indore authorities. Soon, the young influencer was served with a notice of traffic violation. Indore DSP also asked the youth to not indulge in activities that doesn’t harm themselves or others.

Madhya Pradesh Minister Naorattam Mishra Irked

Meanwhile, Madhya Pradesh Home Affairs Minister Naorattam Mishra also took heed to Shreya’s act and claimed that she will be prosecuted. “What she did, whatever her intention may be, her execution was wrong,” he said.

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“Video Taken in Wrong Way. Didn’t Do Anything Wrong”: Shreya

Meanwhile, after irking authorities and the masses alike, Shreya took to her Instagram and gave an explanation about the situation.

“My main motive to create this video was that a red signal means that you have to stop. My motive of creating the video was that if the traffic signal is red, why are you breaking the rules. My only motive was to make people aware about the rules and the COVID protocols that people are breaking,” she said.

“What I did may be have been portrayed in a wrong way. I don’t want to influence anybody else to do the same thing. This video was taken in the wrong way and that I didn’t do anything wrong. I was wearing a mask and I did that when the signal was red,” she further added.