In Indore, a jilted ex stabbed her 20-year-old lover after calling her to park, and then rushed to the railway station in the city to kill himself. The entire incident was caught on CCTV, visuals of which have since been making rounds of social media. The accused in the matter was identified as Amit Bhadoria, a resident of Dwarkapuri while the victim has been identified as Riya, an MBA student, Free Press reported.

According to reports, the accused worked at Riya’s maternal uncle’s clothes store. Riya reportedly used to come to the shop often, and the duo became friends, and the friendship eventually transformed into a relationship. However, as per a Dainik Bhaskar report, the accused didn’t like Riya talking to other men.

Reportedly, the duo used to have intense arguments about the same issue, and Amit had expressed his anger over Riya talking to other men. Assessing Amit’s anger, Riya broke off with Amit and stopped showing up to her uncle’s store.

On the day of the incident, Amit called Riya to a park. After an argument, Riya rode pillion as a friend drove a two-wheeler. Out of nowhere, Amit rushed and attacked Riya with a knife, stabbing her incessantly, critically injuring her.

The Facts of the Matter

Jilted lovers taking matters into their own hands and resorting to horrific crimes against their ex-partners is a disturbing trend that sadly occurs too often. It is a manifestation of extreme emotions such as anger, jealousy, and resentment.

In a shocking incident that occurred on Sunday, a young woman was brutally stabbed by her ex-lover in Bairathi Colony of Indore.

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Jilted Lover Called Victim to Garden

The accused, who had called her to meet him in the garden, attacked her with a knife after an argument broke out between them.

The victim sustained three stab wounds on her back before the attacker fled the scene. The accused, later identified as Amit Bhadauria, resident of Dwarkapuri, was eventually apprehended by the police after he attempted to commit suicide on a railway track.

CCTV Footage Captured Harrowing Incident

Earlier on Sunday afternoon, Amit lured Riya to Dashmesh Garden, where he had an argument with her. CCTV captured the exact moment when he attacked her with a knife as she sat pillion with another companion of hers.

The incessant stabbing caused severe injuries and Riya’s friend who accompanied her managed to take her to a private hospital for treatment, while Amit fled the scene on his bike.

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Accused Went to Railway Station to Kill Self

Despite her critical condition, Riya managed to give a statement to the police, who launched a manhunt for Amit. Their search led them to the railway track, where Amit was walking, his car parked to the side. He had called an acquaintance and confessed to the crime, stating that he wanted to end his own life. However, his plan was thwarted by the police, who swiftly apprehended him.

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Accused was Angry at Victim for Talking to Other Men

In custody, Amit confessed to his crime and stated that he had planned Riya’s murder. He expressed regret over his actions but also claimed that Riya’s interactions with other men had triggered his anger. According to reports, Amit and Riya met at Riya’s maternal uncle’s clothes shop where Riya was a regular visitor.

Their friendship evolved into a relationship, where Amit had problems with Riya talking to other men. He had in the past expressed his anger over Riya’s actions, and the couple used to fight over this one issue. Seeing Amit’s anger, Riya broke off with him, and stopped visiting her uncle’s clothing store.


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