In an incident that half part hilarious-half part bizarre, an Indore man forged fake COVID-19 report to stay away from wife. As an obvious subsequent action, the lab where he took the test, filed an FIR against him. While the epidemic of fake COVID-19 tests and fake vaccination centers has swept the country, at times, the silliest of such incidents can make one laugh at its absurdity.


Remember the days when we all used to make excuses to bunk a class, or miss a lecture. The excuses ranged from random bouts with fever to a sudden death in the family. But a man from Madhya Pradesh has created a new bench mark.

The 26-year-old man, from Indore, went to the extreme of creating a fake COVID-19 positive report for himself. He didn’t do so to take a bunch of leaves from his office, or miss a work meeting, his reason was much more hilarious. The man did so, to ‘stay away from his wife’.

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Personal Issues Leads the Indore man to Forge COVID-19 report

The Mhow resident had gotten recently married. But due to personal issues and disputes, he wanted to stay away from his wife. While most men would make random excuses, this man saw the pandemic as an opportunity and created a fake COVID-19 report. The man first downloaded a COVID-19 report of another person from the website of a private laboratory. He then further photoshopped his own name.

The man followed through on his pursuit to stay away from his family and then showed the report to his family. He claimed that as he had tested positive for COVID-19, he was mandated to stay at the state-run COVID-19 centers near his region for the next few days.

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Man abandons his home for a month; Family gets suspicious

After not returning home for more than a month, the man’s wife became suspicious about her husband’s whereabouts and asked her father to verify the COVID-19 report. The family then contacted the private laboratory at Indore’s Yashwant Plaza and it was found out that the man had forged the report.

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“Man sent fake report on WhatsApp and Disappeared”: Police

Sanjay Shukla, Chhoti Gwaltoli Police Station in-charge, said-

“He sent the forged report through WhatsApp to his father and wife and then disappeared from his home. However, family members got suspicious as he had not shown any symptom of the infection. When they contacted the private laboratory, the accused’s fraudulent act was revealed.”

After the lab was briefed with the matter, the man was booked by the lab under the relevant provisions of forgery and offences under the Indian Penal Code. The man is currently facing charges under IPC’s Section 465 (Punishment for forgery) and Section 469 (Forgery for purpose of harming reputation). Further, he has also been served a notice to approach the police for the further investigation.

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