In a horrific incident reported from Indore, a man reportedly murdered his social media friend after finding out that she was a transgender. The man reportedly hid chopped pieces of the victim at his home. The accused was identified as Noor Mohammad while the victim was identified as Zoya alias Mohsin. According to reports, Noor Mohammad was looking for sexual favour from Noor, and when he found out that she was a trans, he murdered her.

According to reports, the lower torso of the victim’s body was found out earlier on Tuesday from Indore’s Star Square. The victim’s family identified the body of Zoya, who had been missing for two days. The police formed teams to identify and nab the culprit.

Investigation kicked off and the police analyzed CCTV from about 500 m away from where the part of body was discovered. The police also started gathering about information on missing persons in the city. Soon, it was revealed that Zoya had come to Ashrafi colony to meet someone on August 28.

When the police checked the CCTV cameras in Ashrafi colony, they placed the victim there. The police were able to identify the autorickshaw driver who dropped the victim to the accused’s home, and based on the further leads, were able to arrest the accused.

The Facts of the Matter

A man, who was looking for sexual favours from his social media friend, murdered her after finding out that she was a transgender. The man hid the chopped pieces of victim’s body at his home. The incident was reported from Indore, Madhya Pradesh. The accused in the matter was Noor Mohammad who murdered Zoya Kinnar alias Mohsin.

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Lower Portion of Victim’s Body Discovered

According to reports, on Tuesday Zoya’s lower portion of body was recovered from Star Square on Indore’s MR-10 road. The victim’s family somehow managed to identify her, and soon a police team was formed to nab the culprit.

The police started investigating the matter and analyzed footages of several CCTVs present some 500 meters from the spot where the victim’s body was recovered. Meanwhile, the police also started gathering more information about missing person’s complaints from other stations in the city.

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Investigation Ensues, Police Analyse CCTV Footage

Soon it was revealed that Zoya, who was reported missing, had gone to Ashrafi Colony, Indore, to meet someone on August 28. Based on the new information, the police started analyzing CCTV footages of places near and around Asharfi colony

The police were able to place Zoya in one of the CCTV footages. Meanwhile, during identification, the police detained some people to zero-in the suspect. Based on a lead, the police interrogated an autorickshaw driver, who had dropped Zoya to Mohammad’s residence.

Accused Arrested

Based on the autorickshaw driver’s inputs, the police went to the accused’s residence and arrested him. After sustained interrogation, the accused confessed to his crime.

During interrogation, the accused revealed that he found Zoya’s number on internet and asked her to meet him at his place. The accused paid Rs 500 to Zoya online, and had promised to pay the remaining amount at his place.

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Horrific Confession of Accused

After finding out that Zoya was a transgender, the accused refused to pay the remaining amount, which triggered an argument, as per his confession. The accused went on to strangle the victim to death, and then cut her body in two parts.

The accused dumped the lower portion of the body near bushes at Star Square, and had hidden the upper portion of the body at his home. The accused was planning to dump the mutilated body parts of the accused, the police said, confirming that the upper body was recovered.


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