In a blood-curdling incident reported from Indore, a man stabbed a 7-year-old orphan girl as many as 12 times, and upon arrest, claimed that he was trying to “help her”. The incident was reported from Azad Nagar locality in Indore and high-tension has enveloped the city. Along with the primary accused, the police also registered case against multiple unidentified miscreants for damaging vehicles and pelting stones outside the police station.

The accused in the matter has been identified as Saddam and the victim was identified as Mahenoor. Following the incident, the accused’s house was also demolished. The girl, who had lost her parents a few years ago, was abducted by the accused. The accused took her to his home and locked it from inside.

The victim cried for help and the accused ended up stabbing her repeatedly as many as 12 times. Upon hearing the cries of the girl and commotion, neighbours tried to help the girl. However, the accused didn’t open the door.

After committing the crime, the accused came outside, and threatened the neighbours to not inform the police. He also told them that he was trying to help her as she wanted to be with her parents. The accused’s family has claimed that he suffers from mental illness.

The Facts of the Matter

While the entire nation reported a national increase of 16.2% in number of crimes against children from 2020 to 2021, India’s heartland Madhya Pradesh registered a surge of 11.3%. Recently, another horrific crime was reported from Madhya Pradesh’s Indore city, where a 7-year-old girl was stabbed brutally by a man who later claimed he was “trying to help her”.

The accused in the matter was identified as Saddam while the victim was Mahenoor, an orphan who lost her parents few years ago and lived at her maternal grandmother’s home.

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Victim Kidnapped from Home

According to reports, the victim was playing outside her home when she was kid nabbed by Saddam. When the neighbours heard the victim’s crying and screaming, they tried to help her. However, the accused had locked the home from inside and they couldn’t get through.

“Trying to help her”

When the screaming stopped, the worst of what the neighbours feared turned out to be true. Saddam emerged out of the home with a knife dripping with blood. He threatened them to not alert the cops and even claimed that he was trying to help the little girl, who wanted to meet her parents.

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High Tension in Area, Stones Pelted

After the accused was overpowered, the police were called and the victim’s body was rushed to a hospital. She was declared dead on arrival, and this triggered high tension in the area. Locals tried to get into the police station to attack the accused who was kept in lock up. They also pelted stones at the police and damaged vehicles.

Post-mortem confirmed that the accused stabbed the victim as many as 12 times. Further, the victim’s swabs were sent to lab on suspicion of sexual assault.

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“Mentally unstable”: Accused’s Family Alleges

Meanwhile, the accused’s house was demolished by a team of Indore Municipal Corporation. The accused’s family has alleged that he is “mentally unstable”. However, locals have alleged that the accused is an offender who has in the past harassed the woman in his locality.

The police claimed that the accused was being questioned and an examination will be done to assess if he is mentally ill.


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