In a bizarre development reported from Indore, a millionaire’s wife ran away with an auto driver after stealing Rs. 47 lakhs from her husband. The auto-driver is reportedly 13 away younger than the woman who is reportedly missing and used to drop her regularly to her home. Reportedly the wife of the millionaire went missing on October 13. After her mysterious disappearance, the husband took to the police and complained about the whole ordeal. On preliminary investigation, the police found Rs. 33 lakhs in the form of cash from a friend of the auto-rickshaw driver.


Millionaire woman eloping with an auto-rickshaw driver with a humble background is something that we can only imagine in a film or a television show. However, the recently reported incident from Indore shows that at times life imitates fiction.

However, it should be noted that it’s not rare that a dramatic and almost filmy incident happens in real life. Earlier in July this year, a Delhi man planned an attack on himself to implicate his neighbour. Later during the investigation, it was revealed that the man was inspired by ‘Drishyam’.

Similarly, in September 2021, a horrific crime, that feels like it can only be possible on the big screen was committed. A Bengaluru man killed his 10-year-old son and disposed his body with the help of his wife and girlfriend.

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The Facts of the Matter

In a case that may sound something coming straight from a film, an auto-rickshaw driver is blamed to have eloped with the wife of a millionaire businessman in Indore. The wife, who also stole Rs. 47 lakhs from her husband before missing, is reportedly 13 years elder to the autorickshaw driver.

Auto Driver Used to Drop Wife Home Often

The husband of the missing woman took to the police after his wife went missing on October 13. The incident took place in Khajrana region of the city. According to reports the husband has alleged that the autorickshaw driver used to drop her wife often at her home and after her wife went missing, he had suspicions on the driver.

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Rs. 47 Lakhs Missing, Money Was Kept in Cupboard

And that’s not all, the man was about to receive another shock. On carefully taking the stock at his home, he realized that along with his wife, Rs. 47 lakhs is also missing from his home. The husband had kept the money in a cupboard before it went missing.

Search for Driver-Wife On, Rs. 33 Lakhs Recovered from Auto Driver’s Friend

After receiving the complaint, the police swung into action and the search for both autorickshaw driver and the wife of the millionaire continues. The auto driver is named Imran and is 32-years-old.

On the preliminary investigation the police investigated close friends of the missing driver. Soon, the police recovered Rs. 33 lakhs in the form of cash that was kept by Imran’s friend at his house.

For now the search for the eloped man and woman is on and the police have intensified searches in Khandwa, Javra, Ujjain and Ratlam.

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In Other News…

On one hand, an auto driver is being suspected for eloping a woman with money and on other, an e-rickshaw driver was sent an Income Tax notice to pay up Rs. 3 crores.

The news was reported from Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, where an illiterate e-rickshaw driver was served an Income Tax notice to pay up the hefty sum. Reportedly, the driver, named Pratap Singh, took to the Highway Police Station and claimed that a fraud was committed against him.

Reportedly, Pratap Singh had applied for a PAN Card at the Jan Suvidha Kendra, Bakalpur. However, due to not being aware of securing his details, he realized that someone impersonated him. Reportedly, the fraudster got a GST number on his name to start a business and further earned a turnover of Rs.43,44,36,201.

After he received the shocking income tax notice, he sought help from the IT Department official. He was later told to file an FIR as someone had committed fraud.