In Indore, an ex-student reportedly set a pharmacy college principal on fire over delay in getting a marksheet, with the victim principal suffering from 80% burn injuries.

Earlier on Monday, February 20, a shocking incident took place at the BM Pharmacy College campus in the Simrol area on Indore’s outskirts in Madhya Pradesh, India. The 50-year-old lady principal of the college, Vimukta Sharma, was allegedly set on fire on the college campus by an ex-student over a delay in the issuance of marksheet.

According to the police, the accused student, identified as Ashutosh Srivastava, had a heated argument with the college principal over the delay in the issuance of his mark sheet. After the argument, he poured petrol on the principal and set her ablaze with a cigarette lighter. The incident happened around 4 pm while the principal was about to board the car to return home at the end of the working day.

Meanwhile, Ashutosh Srivastava, who also sustained 40% burns, fled the spot on his motorcycle to the Tincha Waterfalls, around 7 km away, and was about to attempt suicide. According to SP-Indore Rural BS Virde, the accused ex-student has been booked for attempted murder under Section 307 IPC. The police are investigating the incident, and a case has been registered against Ashutosh Srivastava.

The Facts of the Matter

On Monday afternoon, a pharmacy college principal named Vimukta Sharma was set on fire by a student named Ashutosh, on the campus of BM College of Pharmacy in Indore, leaving her in critical condition with 90% burns.

The accused student, identified as Ashutosh Srivastava, had a history of creating trouble on campus and had previously been jailed for attacking a faculty member in the previous year, according to the police. Ashutosh poured petrol on the principal and lit her with a cigarette lighter, causing her to catch fire in front of other staff members.

Accused Fled to Commit Suicide, Saved & Hospitalised

Although Ashutosh also suffered burns in the incident, he managed to drive his bike to a nearby gorge and attempted to commit suicide but was rescued by the police. Principal Sharma was immediately rushed to the hospital, where she is now receiving critical care for her injuries.

According to Dr. Amit Bhatt of Indore’s Choithram Hospital, her prognosis is currently very bad due to the severity of her burns. “She was brought to the hospital with 90% deep burns and her prognosis is very bad. She is very critical,” Dr. Bhatt was quoted in a TOI report saying.

Horrific Account of Incident

The incident occurred at around 4 pm when Sharma stopped on the campus to pluck some leaves from a medicinal plant, and Ashutosh approached her while quarreling over his mark sheet. The accused student had failed in two subjects in his seventh and eighth semester of BPharma in 2022 and was pressuring his teachers for his mark sheet, as he had not yet spoken with his parents despite his mark sheet being ready three months earlier.

Victim Poured Petrol on Victim

As he carried petrol to the college on Monday, he threw it at the victim when he saw her outside, causing the brutal attack. Some faculty members and a security guard quickly put out the fire and rushed the injured principal to the hospital, while Ashutosh escaped on his bike. The police later found him at Tincha falls, where Constable Dheer Singh saved him from committing suicide and took him to the hospital for treatment.

Student Association Demands Strict Action Against Student

The Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya Teachers Association (DEVTA) and Pharmacy College Association have both denounced the incident and demanded severe punishment for the accused student. According to DEVTA President Laxman Shinde, the incident was extremely disturbing, and they are calling for strict legal action against the perpetrator.


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