In a marvellous medical report, an Indore techie with all his organs on the opposite side donated his liver to his father. He has now become the 6th ever person to do so with only five such transplants to have ever occurred across the world. According to reports, the man suffered from situs invertustotalis.

It’s a rare condition where all of the person’s organs, including their heart, liver and more, are on the opposite side of where the organs are supposed to be.


The world of medical science has leapfrogged in the past century or so. No longer are we at the mercy of nature, and no longer do we have to look at the sky, at a merciful God. Thanks to advances in medical world, even the more technical prognosis is dealt with. But every now and then, there emerges an incident, which sheds light upon the obscurity of human body, and the advancements made in medical field.

In one such incident, an Indore based techie went through a liver-transplant surgery. A liver-transplant is in itself a complicated procedure. What made this particular case more fascinating, was the fact that the man’ internal organs – including his liver – are on the opposite side of his body.

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The Facts of the Matter

Yes, you heard it right. 26-year-old Prakhar patient suffers from Situs inversus, a medical condition, in which all his internal organs are on the opposite side of his body. The man underwent the surgery in Indore’s Choithram Hospital earlier on August 28.

It should be noted that the reason the son decided to give a major part of his liver was that his father suffered from liver cirrhosis. Liver cirrhosis is a late-stage liver disease which may result in permanent liver damage.

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What the Doctor Said

Dr. Sudesh Sharda of Choithram Hospital’s organ transplant surgeon was quoted by Press Trust of India saying, “The liver is usually found on the right side, but due to a congenital condition, it was on the left side for Prakhar. A team of four doctors performed the surgery, which if not done in time, could have caused danger to the life of the recipient.”

More about Situs InvertusTotalis

According to ‘MedicineNet’, the condition involves the heart being on the right side instead of the usual left side. Further, the stomach, which is generally located in the left upper abdomen, is located in the right. In Situs Inversus Totalis, all of the patient’s chest and abdominal organs are on the opposite side. When they are examined through X-Rays, these organs appear in mirror image.

To give our readers a perspective as to just how rare the condition is, Dr. Suresh Sharda, who’s quoted above, has claimed that the Indore based techie is the 6th ever person to have undergone such surgery. Further, it should also be noted that Situs Inversus is found in about 0.01% of the overall population or about 1 person in about 10,000 persons.

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“Operation Went On for 11-12 Hours”: From the Patient’s Perspective

“I am a ‘situs invertus’, my heart is on the opposite side of my body, I knew in childhood, however, all the organs are opposite direction, I got to know now only. So before giving liver to father, we waited to get a donor from outside but because it was not possible, I donated mine. The operation went on for 11 to 12 hours, I was in ICU for five days, I am discharged, the father will be discharged on Monday, he is fine now,” Prakhar said, as quoted by news agency ANI.

Dr. Sharda further added “It took us a long time in this case. Whereas all the organs of the donor’s father were like normal people. That’s why we have transplanted the right part of the donor’s liver.”