In a chilling development reported from Jammu & Kashmir’s Ramban district, an infant girl, who was declared dead at a hospital, was found alive at a graveyard during her burial. Following the startling discovery, the junior staff and her helper – who had declared the infant dead, have been suspended. Moreover, a 3-person team headed by the Chief Medical Officer has also been set up to investigate the matter.

According to locals, the parents of the infant girl are identified as Basharat Ahmad Gujjar and Shameena Begum. The couple gave birth to the infant girl at the sub-district hospital after a normal delivery earlier on Monday.

However, the baby was soon declared dead by the hospital. Further, locals have alleged that the baby was not given the due medical attention at the hospital for over two hours. Ultimately, the infant girl’s parents decided to bury the deceased baby at the Hollan village.

Things took a strange turn when locals objected to the infant’s burial in their graveyard, and hence, the family had to dig the baby out of the grave. As the girl was being exhumed, she was found to be alive. She was rushed to the hospital for immediate treatment.

The Facts of the Matter

Waves of shock and disbelief were felt across the Ramban district in Jammu & Kashmir. The news of an infant girl, who was declared dead and was later found out to be alive spread like a wildfire across the district and its villages. Is it a miracle or gross medical negligence? Or a combination of both?

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Hospital Suspends Two Employees

The incident was reported from Jammu and Kashmir’s Ramban district where a Sub District Hospital declared an infant girl dead earlier on Monday. Some bizarre twists of fate later, the baby girl was found alive while she was being buried. For now, the hospital administration has suspended two employees posted in the Gynecology section.

Baby Girl Declared Dead After Normal Delivery

According to reports, the baby girl was born to Basharat Ahmed Gujjar and his wife Shameema Begum. After she was born, the doctors and other staff members declared the baby girl dead even though she was born after a normal delivery on Monday.

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Family Decides to Bury, Locals Protest

The couple soon buried the child at a burial site in Hollan village. However, locals protested to the burial of the infant girl in their graveyard. At the objection of the villagers, the family of the deceased girl decided to exhume the infant’s corpse.

Sound of Dead Infant’s Cries Pierce the J&K Sky

To their horror, a sound of crying pierced the sky and the girl was found to be alive. The locals immediately rushed to the Banihal hospital with the baby and were referred to another hospital for further treatment.

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Locals Protest Against Medical Negligence

Meanwhile, the locals from the village near Ramban district gathered and protested against the gross negligence exhibited by the doctors and the staff of the hospital. A protesting local was quoted in a Greater Kashmir report saying, “This is height of negligence and non-professionalism on the part of doctors and other staff posted at SDH Banihal.”

So far, the suspended individuals have been identified as nurse Sumina Khan, sweeper Hajra Begum.


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