A six-month-old infant who was abducted from Hyderabad’s Niloufer Hospital last week has been rescued by police in Kamareddy district. The child was reunited with his parents after the dramatic kidnapping.

Infant Taken While Mother Briefly Left Child Unattended

The infant, Faisal Khan, was taken on September 14 while his mother, Fareeda Begum, briefly left him unattended in the hospital’s waiting lounge. A couple, identified as 26-year-old Katroth Mamtha and 26-year-old Katroth Srinu, allegedly befriended Fareeda and seized the opportunity to take her child.

According to police, the suspects already had a 10-day-old baby boy who was diagnosed with a terminal genetic disorder. After losing two previous infants to disease, the couple was desperate to replace their dying son with a healthy child.

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Intense Manhunt Leads to Rescue and Arrests

After taking Faisal, the pair abandoned their own child at Niloufer Hospital and fled to their hometown of Kamareddy district. An intense manhunt was launched by Hyderabad police and Central Zone Task Force teams, who ultimately tracked down the infant after examining CCTV footage.

On Wednesday, little Faisal was safely retrieved during a raid on the couple’s vegetable shop in Banswada, Kamareddy. The suspects were promptly arrested.

While the actions of the accused couple appear inexcusable, investigating authorities have taken their tragic circumstances into account. Their own newborn is now receiving treatment at Niloufer Hospital and remains in stable condition.

Out of concern for the child’s welfare, officials are considering a conditional pre-trial release for Mamtha and Srinu. However, the couple will likely still face charges for kidnapping and child endangerment.

Above all, this disturbing case highlights issues of security at Hyderabad’s busy public hospitals. Niloufer must now review its practices to ensure no child falls prey to opportunity crimes in waiting areas. For Faisal Khan’s family, they are simply relieved to have their boy back home safe and sound.

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