A Mumbai-based woman recently lost Rs 40 lakhs in crypto after she was influenced by Bollywood singer Kumar Sanu’s presence in a virtual meeting.

The victim of the fraud was duped on the tune of Rs 40 lakhs by two accused who promised her lucrative returns if she would invest in their cryptocurrency “firm”. The woman, who was on the fence regarding the offer, felt compelled to invest after she saw Bollywood singer Kumar Sanu in one of the company’s virtual meetings.

In her complaint, the victim claimed that the fraudsters told her that Sanu too had invested his money in the cryptocurrency firm. It should be noted that the complainant hasn’t accused the singer in her FIR for any wrongdoings.

According to reports, the victim took to the police earlier on June 22 and based on her complaint, an FIR was registered for criminal breach of trust and cheating. The accused in the matter were identified as Deepu Sahu and Biman Das, two men from Kolkata.

Deepu Sahu was a customer of the woman and her husband’s business. In April, Sahu offered the fraud victim to invest her money in his cryptocurrency firm. He also told the victim that she will get an interest of 1.5% on Rs 50 lakhs investment.

When the accused stopped taking her call, the woman approached the police.

The Facts of the Matter

Despite the skepticism and volatility that comes with cryptocurrencies, Indian users have been falling for crypto-related scams. According to a Chainalysis, crypto-related frauds hit an all-time high with fraudsters receiving $14 billion in 2022, 79% more when compared to the $7.8 billion received in 2021.

A similar instance of fraud recently emerged from Mumbai where a woman was duped of Rs 40 lakhs after she was influenced by prominent singer Kumar Sanu. The woman was lured by two fraudsters from Kolkata, who promised her hefty returns if she invests in their “cryptocurrency firm”.

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Accused Promised 1.5% Daily Interest

In her complaint, the victim claimed that one of the accused, Deepu Sahu, spoke to her on phone and lured her to invest. Meanwhile, the second accused, Biman Das, falsely claimed that his company is based in Australia. The accused claimed that the victim would receive a daily interest of 1.5% on her investment of Rs 50 lakhs.

The woman further complained that she attended a meeting wherein the accused where present with three other persons, all from different nationalities. In the meeting, the woman was told that the two accused launched two cryptocurrencies with investments of Rs. 6,000 crores.

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Kumar Sanu Present in Meeting

It was the second meeting where the woman was further lured. In the meeting, the woman alleged that Kumar Sanu was present with other people. The woman mentioned that Kumar Sanu didn’t speak in the meeting and only sat.

The two accused invited the woman to a Kumar Sanu concert scheduled for April 17, where further discussions on the business would take place.

Investing Rs 40 Lakhs

Although the woman didn’t attend the show, she got convinced to invest thanks to Kumar Sanu’s alleged presence. To that effect, she went on to invest Rs 40.44 lakhs. She however did not receive any interest.

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Final Nail in Coffin

The accused further tried to have her invest Rs 6 lakhs more. However, they then stopped picking up her calls and let her know that she won’t be making her money back.

Earlier in June, the woman approached the police station and an FIR was filed based on her complaint against the two accused. The police filed the complained under Section 420 and 406 of the Indian Penal Code.


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