In a horrific incident where a mentally ill woman was dragged off the government hospital premise, photos of the incident spread like wildfire on social media, causing an angry reaction all over.

Photos showing a woman suffering from a mental illness being pulled out by a security guard at the district hospital in Khargone, Madhya Pradesh. The Picture went viral on Saturday. Check out the picture below.

Hospital sources said the incident took place on 18th February, Thursday. Staff informed that the woman was told to walk away by hospital officials, and when she did not move, a security guard pulled her from her arm in full public view.

Pictures of the incident have spread on social media, triggering angry reactions.

On Saturday, the hospital’s civil surgeon Dr. Divyash Verma said that guards and even doctors have been warned that such incidents do not recur.

‘A doctor who was on duty told the guard to shift the woman, who was away from the hospital entrance, as she could be knocked down by ambulances.’

Dr. Varma said that despite this reason, the guard’s actions were inappropriate. “He could work with sympathy. We have asked the security firm to remove that guard. Khargone District Hospital does not have a psychiatrist and because of that the doctors are planning to send her to Indore. The Sources shared.

Dr. Verma said that in the future, the employees are asked to take the help of the police in such situations.

He further added “This allegation is completely false. The woman under consideration was mentally unstable. Someone left her in front of the Tevar Clinic. After which the woman started pelting stones at staff and doctors.”

“To which the doctors asked the guard to take her out through the garden. After this, she went to the main gate of the district hospital and sat down. When an ambulance arrived, the guards tried to convince her to give way. But she did not do so, she was removed from there by guards without using force.”

The District Collector Anugraha P asked the officials to trace her and directed the hospital authorities and police to locate the woman and transfer her to a hospital in Indore for treatment.