The death toll left amid the buzz around Kenyan starvation cult has increased to 200 people, who starved to death, all in the name of Jesus. The starvation cult, led by a taxi-driver pastor, had been running for over two decades, and had sermons regarding the end of the world, and how the devotees can meet their Lord, Jesus.

The haunting tragedy of the Shakahola Forest is still unfolding with new developments emerging every day. Once believed to be an evangelical sanctuary, this forsaken land now stands as a gruesome crime scene, revealing a dark tale of misguided faith and unspeakable horrors.

Paul Nthenge Mackenzie, a former taxi driver turned charismatic televangelist, captured the hearts and minds of hundreds of believers. With fervent conviction, he declared that the world was teetering on the precipice of its ultimate demise. Like a modern-day prophet, Mackenzie painted Shakahola as the refuge from the impending apocalypse, beckoning his followers to abandon their homes and seek salvation within its sun-scorched embrace.

The 800-acre property, once lush with possibility, now stands as a desolate wasteland, its arid expanse strewn with shallow graves, each one telling a story of despair.

The magnitude of the “Shakahola Massacre” sends shockwaves throughout the nation, leaving a bewildered government and locals alike, grasping for answers.

The Facts of the Matter

In a shocking turn of events, the idyllic allure of Shakahola Forest has been shattered by a gruesome discovery, revealing a tale of tragedy and despair. Led by the charismatic televangelist Paul Nthenge Mackenzie, who transformed from a humble taxi driver into a preacher of apocalyptic visions, hundreds of believers flocked to this supposed haven, seeking refuge from an impending cataclysm.

However, the supposed sanctuary has become a haunting crime scene, stained with the shallow graves of devoted followers who met a chilling demise. Their bodies, unearthed from the scorched 800-acre property, bear the grisly signs of self-imposed starvation, purportedly undertaken to be “crucified” and join Jesus.

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Bodies Show Signs of Abuse, Beating

The macabre nature of their deaths hints at a more sinister reality, with signs of asphyxiation, strangulation, and bludgeoning found among the remains. Shockingly, some bodies had organs removed, further intensifying the horror that unfolded.

As the death toll rises, with 179 bodies exhumed and relocated for identification and autopsy, the full extent of this tragedy remains unknown. Countless more individuals are missing, potentially buried in unmarked graves or aimlessly wandering the desolate landscape.

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The Chilling Story of the Cult Leader

The charismatic leader, Paul Mackenzie, insists that he never explicitly forbade his followers from eating, contending that his sermons were centered around the agonizing prophesies of the Book of Revelation.

Arrested on multiple charges, including murder and terrorism, Mackenzie’s ascent from a humble taxi driver to cult leader, complete with his own television channel, adds an even more chilling dimension to this tragedy.

How Cult Leader Started ‘Good News International’

The origins of this fateful journey trace back to 2002, when Mackenzie, destitute and seeking purpose, found solace in the stone courtyard opposite a Catholic primary school in Malindi. Ruth Kahindi, the owner of the property, crossed paths with Mackenzie and extended an invitation to preach in her home. Thus, their church, Good News International, took shape, utilizing Kahindi’s residence as its foundation.

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Government Befuddled, President Orders Inquiry

The revelations of what the Kenyan media has dubbed the “Shakahola Massacre” have plunged the government into a maelstrom of questions and bewilderment. How could such a grotesque spectacle occur unnoticed in a nation known for its modernity and stability?

Meanwhile, Kenyan President William Ruto, shaken by the deaths of over a hundred individuals, established a commission of inquiry to investigate potential administrative or intelligence oversights that might have contributed to this tragedy.

A court ordered Mackenzie to remain imprisoned, and a task force was appointed to review regulations governing religious organizations.


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