In an incident that can be labelled as ‘instant karma’, a man who killed his friend, reportedly fell to his death while disposing the body in Amboli Ghat, Maharashtra. According to reports, the 30-year-old man who killed his murder over a financial dispute, fell down a steep slope along with his aide. Reportedly, the aide in question made a narrow escape and somehow survived the ordeal. The incident took place earlier on Sunday last week.

The deceased in the matter was identified as Bhauso Mane and Sushant Khillare, and the aide was identified as Tushar Pawar. According to reports, the three met earlier on Sunday. Over a financial dispute, Mane and Pawar killed Sushant in a fit of rage. The duo then travelled 400 km from Satara to Amboli Ghat to dump Sushant’s body down a steep slope.

In the process of taking the victim’s body out and dumping it away, Mane lost his balance, and ended up slipping down the steep slope to his death. Meanwhile, Pawar somehow survived and drove to a nearby temple. He then called his family and confessed.

The cops got to know about the crime with some locals spotted one of the bodies and raised an alert.

The Facts of the Matter

Instant karma refers to the idea that a person’s actions and decisions have an immediate and direct impact on their fate, good or bad. It suggests that one reaps what they sow and that there is a cause-and-effect relationship between a person’s behavior and the consequences they experience.

In one such incident, a man who murdered his friend over financial dispute, fell to his death while trying to dispose the friend’s body. The incident took place in Amboli Ghat, an area which receives incessant rainfall, and is often used by miscreants to dump bodies and illicit materials.

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How the Crime Came to Fore

The crime came to the fore after a local spotted one of the bodies of the deceased earlier on Tuesday and informed the authorities. A team of rescuers and officers pulled out two bodies. The bodies were 150ft downhill, about 10 feet from each other.

Soon, a case of accidental death was registered in the matter and an investigation ensued. During investigation, the police identified the deceased as Bhauso Mane and Sushant Khillare. Further investigation revealed the horrific nature of crime, and the cruel twist-of-fate.

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Deceased Men were Friends

According to reports, the Bhauso and Sushant were friends. Earlier on Sunday, the duo had an argument over financial reasons and Bhauso and his aide Tushar Pawar murdered Sushant in a fit of rage. The duo of accused and aide stuffed Sushant’s body in a car, drove it 400 km from Satara to Amboli Ghat, as the area is used to dispose bodies.

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The Horrific Twist of Fate

As Bhauso tried to dump Sushant’s body down the steep hill, he also lost his balance and ended up falling 150 ft down the slope. Meanwhile, aide Tushar somehow survived the horrific ordeal. Terrified, he drove the car to a nearby temple, called his family and told them what he witnessed.

Following the incident, Inspector FB Mengde was quoted in a TOI report saying, “We have registered an accidental death case. The family members of the three will be quizzed and then we will decide whether to lodge an FIR.”


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