A man in Texas recently got a taste of Instant Karma, when he shot a woman in neck, and the bullet bounced off and killed him instead. The incident was reported from Dallas, Texas and happened at an apartment near the 2200 Medical District block. The deceased who got killed in his attempt of killing the unidentified woman was 26-year-old Byron Redmon.

It should be noted that the police are yet to ascertain whether the deceased and the woman knew each other, or what caused them to be involved in such an ordeal. However, based on analysis of the apartment, the police have speculated that the same bullet was responsible for the woman’s neck wound and the deceased man’s fatal injury.

Following the preliminary investigation, the Dallas Police Department issued a statement which read, “The preliminary investigation determined at the apartment, the male, Byron Redmon, 26, shot the adult female victim in the neck. The bullet then exited and hit Redmon in the leg. Redmon died at the hospital.”

While the man was declared dead when the police arrived at the scene, the woman received medical care at the scene and was allowed to go home the same day.

Earlier in 2016, another shocking incident was reported where a man in Texas shot an armadillo, and got hit in his face.

The Facts of the Matter

We have all seen outlandish films where a villain shoots at the hero, the bullet swerves left and right, and eventually ends up hitting the villain himself. There are hilarious scenes when a bullet even changes its path if a mirror is kept in front of it.

While such scenes are outlandish, and are not rooted to reality at all – there are instances where a bullet not only ricochets, but also ends up hitting the person that fired it at the first place.

Recently, a similar incident was reported from Dallas, Texas.

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Police Finds Trail of Blood

Earlier on Saturday last week, the Dallas police department were startled to find copious amounts of blood outside an apartment building. The police tried to follow the trail of blood, but eventually couldn’t find anyone near the scene of crime.

As the police tried to grapple with the mystery of the blood found near the apartment building, they received another shocking call. The police were alerted of a man and woman found in a car. The duo was in a car, and was found with gunshot wounds.

Medical Care Given to Woman

The woman in the car was given medical care and was soon sent home as she was out of danger. Meanwhile, the man was already dead with a gunshot wound in his leg. The deceased in the matter was identified as 26-year-old Byron Redmon

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Bullet Bounces Off Woman’s Neck, Hits Man’s Leg

While the police are yet to ascertain what caused the duo to be in such a situation, preliminary investigation has shed light on one crucial detail. Somehow, the man ended up killing himself as the bullet he fired at the woman somehow bounced off her neck, and hit him in his leg.

“The preliminary investigation determined at the apartment, the male, Byron Redmon, 26, shot the adult female victim in the neck. The bullet then exited and hit Redmon in the leg. Redmon died at the hospital,” the Dallas Police Department stated in a statement.

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Texas Man Shoots At Armadillo, Bullet Hits Him in Face

It should be noted that bullets ricocheting is not something out of ordinary. Widely used .22 cal rounds are low calibre ammunition which are known for ricocheting off a bone, or even change its trajectory due to strong winds.

Earlier in 2015, it was reported that a Texas man who shot an armadillo got hit by the same bullet as it bounced off the thick shell of the mammal. The man used .38 revolver and hit the animal thrice. However, the armadillo’s thick shell deflected the bullets, which then hit the man’s jaw.


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