In what can be truly called ‘Instant Karma’, a US man reportedly died of heart attack while he was digging a grave for the woman he allegedly killed. The incident was reported from South Carolina, USA and occurred earlier last week. The deceased man was identified as 60-year-old Josephy Anthony McKinnon.

The incident came to the fore after the officers from the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office received alerts of an unresponsive man in a yard in a Trenton house. The police officers reached at the said location and found the 60-year-old accused dead in his yard.

While the case was a simple open-and-shut case, the plot thickened when the police made another shocking discovery. After notifying the deceased man’s kin, the officers also located the body of a 65-year-old woman in a “freshly dug” pit.

Further investigation, which involved evidence gathering, and creating a timeline based on witness statements, led the investigators to come to a shocking conclusion. The 60-year-old man died of natural causes after killing the 65-year-old woman.

The authorities stated that the man strangled the woman, wrapped her in trash bags and put her in a pit he dug. While he filled the grave, he got a cardiac arrest and eventually died.

The Facts of the Matter

There’s a commonly used English proverb which states – “He who digs a pit for others, falls in it himself”. A 60-year-old man recently proved the proverb truly after he was found dead near the grave, he had dug to bury the woman he had earlier killed. The incident was reported from South Carolina, and occurred earlier last week.
Officers Receive Alerts of Unresponsive Man

Earlier on May 10, officers from Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office were called to the Tanglewood Drive where a 60-year-old man was seen unresponsive. Following the autopsy, it was revealed that the man, identified as Josephy Anthony McKinnon died of natural causes and showed no signs of trauma.

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Another Shocking Discovery Made

As the investigators investigated the death of the 60-year-old man, another body was located in a freshly dug pit. The body was that of a 65-year-old Patricia Ruth Dent who was residing at the same location as 60-year-old Joseph Anthony.

Soon, an autopsy was performed on the woman’s body and another shocking discovery was made. The autopsy confirmed the speculation regarding foul play around the woman’s death. It was revealed that the woman died by strangulation.

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Investigators Finally Come to Conclusion

Following the matter, Edgefield County Sheriff Jody Rowland issued a statement which read – “Evidence gathered at the scene, along with statements from witnesses aided investigators to build a timeline, leading us to believe that Mr. McKinnon attacked Ms. Dent while inside their home.”

Man Died While Burying Woman in Grave

The statement further mentioned that Joseph bound body of Patricia and wrapped in trash bags. He put the body in a pit he previously dug. While burying the woman he killed and filling up the pit he had dug to bury her, the man had a cardiac arrest and died on the spot.

It should be noted that the cause of homicide remains unknown along with the relationship shared by Joseph and Patricia.

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Similar Incident of Instant Karma Reported from Texas

Earlier in April this year, another incident of Instant Karma was reported when a man who brutally beat up a 72-year-old grandma and stole her car, died hours later in the same car in an accident. The incident was reported from San Antonia, Texas, US.

The unidentified accused hit Shirlene Hernandez multiple times on her face when she was on a petrol pump to grab a coke. The accused snatched the keys of Shirlene’s vehicle and drove off the scene, leaving the victim bruised.

However, in a shocking twist-of-fate, the man was found dead in a damaged car after an accident just hours after the carjacking.


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