An IPS officer was recently asked to open his bag at the Jaipur airport security as it was a ‘mutter’ of grave concern. Thankfully, the matter ended ‘peasfully’, and the IPS officer continued with his day with complete ‘peas’ of mind.

If you’re scratching your head, wondering whether the above written words are spelled correctly, we assure you that they are. The airport security personnel were baffled to see that the IPS officer was carrying nothing but several dozens of peas in the bag. The incident came into the light when the said IPS officer himself took to Twitter and shared the anecdote with the netizens.

Arun Bothra, the Transport Commissioner of Odisha was asked at the airport to open his baggage for security inspection as the scanners detected something strange in his bag. Little did the airport officials know that the “strange” thing in his bag was nothing but one of the most loved vegetables in the nation.

The Facts of the Matter

Put yourself in the shoes of an airport security personnel for a minute. It’s a normal-ish day with hundreds of passengers making their way to you to get their baggage checked so that they can board their next flight.

However, suddenly the electric scanners pick up something unusual inside one of the hand luggage brought by a customer. You’ve prepared yourself for such an instance several times and the protocol as is as clear as daylight to you. And yet, there’s a small residual thought of “what if it’s something dangerous that the passenger is carrying?” in your mind.

You ask the passenger to open the baggage and to your surprise, the baggage is carrying nothing but bucket loads of peas.

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How IPS Officer Was Asked to Open Bag at Airport

Something similar happened to Indian Police Service officer Arun Bothra while he was at the Jaipur airport. Apparently, like thousands of other budget-conscious customers, the Transport Commissioner of Odisha had bought kilograms of peas at low price after finding a great bargain.

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IPS Officer Bought Peas at Rs. 40/kg

He was on the way to Bhubaneshwar from Jaipur and was asked to open his bag as the scanners picked the presence of something strange in his bag. To the bafflement of the airport officials, the suitcase was filled with peas that Mr. Bothra had bought at Rs. 40 per kilogram.

He took to Twitter and shared the hilarious anecdote with netizens across the nation. “Security staff at Jaipur airport asked to open my handbag” his tweet read along with pictures of a choc-a-bloc full of fresh peas in the bag.

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IAS Officer Shares His Experience of Bringing ‘Lauki’, ‘Baingan’

The hilarious anecdote received a lot of love by the netizens, with the tweet receiving close to sixty thousand likes. While the incident may seem like an isolated one, IAS officer Awanish Sharan also took to Twitter and shared his own experience of buying vegetables at a cheaper rate and carrying them in flights.

“Last time when I was coming back from Home, I paid Rs. 2,000 to @IndiGo6E guys for ‘लौकी’ & ‘बैगन’ at Airport,” the IAS officer tweeted.

Meanwhile, IFS officer Praveen Kaswan, known for sharing thrilling videos and pictures from the world of wildlife also commented on the tweet of the IPS officer.

A Twitter user commented on Mr. Bothra’s tweet saying he also bought 10 kilograms of peas at Rs. 40/kg in Jaipur, Rajasthan. He received a reply from the IPS officer himself who replied, “Same. 4/10”.

Netizens Come Up With Puns on Peas

Netizens on Twitter also came up with some unique and some stale puns around peas in response to the incident.


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