In a startling incident reported from Ireland, a group of surgeons removed as many as 55 batteries from a woman’s stomach, a number which is currently the highest ever recorded number so far. The wild case was reported from this month’s edition of Irish Medical Journal. As per the journal, a 66-year-old woman had ingested as many as 55 cylindrical batteries as form of “self-harm”.

After being rushed to the Emergency Department, the woman in question was made to go multiple x-rays. One of the x-ray tests revealed the presence of multiple cylindrical batteries in her abdomen. Fortunately, not a single battery had obstructed her gastrointestinal tract, and neither of the batteries showed any kind of structural damage which would have put the woman’s life at risk.

Initially, the doctors at the hospital took a rather “conservative” approach. They monitored the 66-year-old woman closely, and tracked number of batteries that would pass through her system on their own. In a period of one-week, the woman passed 5 AA batteries. However, subsequent x-rays showed that the batteries were stuck and the patient had already started experiencing abdominal pain.

Eventually, a team of doctors cut a hole in the woman’s stomach and removed 46 batteries (both AA and AAA).

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The Facts of the Matter

We all in our childhoods have swollen something which caused a lot of panic around the house. However, a 66-year-old woman in Ireland recently shocked her surgeons, when the presence of as many as 55 batteries was shown in an X-Ray test.

The heartbreaking part of the entire ordeal was that the woman had ingested the cylindrical batteries to self-harm. These batteries were both AA and AAA sized.

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Woman Gets Admitted to Emergency Department

The shocking case of Irish woman ingesting batteries came to forth in a medical journal published this month.

According to reports the elderly patient had come to the emergency department of the St. Vincent’s University Hospital in Dublin after she ingested several number of batteries. The doctors made her undergo multiple x-rays, which confirmed the presence of batteries in her abdomen.

Fortunately for the woman, there had been no loss of structural integrity in the batteries, which would have put her in the harm’s way immediately.

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“Conservative Management” Treatment

The doctors decided to go the “conservative management” route, and monitored if the woman was able to pass the batteries on her own. In a week, she was able to pass as many as 5 AA batteries. However, new x-ray tests showed that the batteries had stopped to move in the system. Matters became all the more complicated as the woman started to experience pain in abdomen and anorexia.

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Removing 46 Plus 5 Batteries

The surgeons decided to perform a laparotomy (surgical cut into the abdominal cavity) where they were able to locate 46 more batteries. The batteries were removed. Meanwhile, four batteries still remained and were stuck in the woman’s colon.

These batteries were “milked” in her rectum and removed. The final x-ray showed the woman’s stomach and gut had no more batteries and she had an “uneventful recovery”.

“Deliberate self-harm”

“To the best of our knowledge, this case represents the highest reported number of batteries ingested at a single point in time,” the doctors wrote in the journal. “The deliberate ingestion of multiple large AA batteries as a form of deliberate self-harm is an unusual presentation,” the doctors added.


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