In the ongoing Israel-Palestine Conflict, as many as 35 persons were killed in Gaza and 5 people were killed in Israel, in what is turning out to be the deadliest escalation between the two sides since 2014.

The fighting between the two sides have ensued since hundreds of years. But on Tuesday, the conflict reached to a new flashpoint as the Israelis targeted citizens in Gaza with airstrikes. The militants in Gaza retaliated by firing rockets targeting Israel’s Tel Aviv.


The conflict between Israel and Hamas (Palestinian militant organization) reached to new heights with at least 35 lost lives in Gaza which included 9 children. Hundreds of airstrikes were launched against Palestine in Israel while the Palestine’s militant group retaliated with several rockets targeted at Tel Aviv Beersheba.


Israel struck Gaza with deadly airstrikes on Tuesday, targeting multiple high-rise budlings that are reported to be hosting Palestine militants. In retaliation, Hamas and other armed militant organizations attacked Israel with hundreds of rockets. The conflict has been escalating exponentially with one of the most dramatic moments coming when Israel promised that the strikes against Palestine would continue to increase.

Since then, 35 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza due to the airstrikes. On the other hand, the Israeli side claimed that 16 of Palestinians were militants. Palestine’s retaliation comprised of firing hundreds of rockets that killed 5 people and have wounded several.

On Tuesday evening, Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu claimed that the escalation would rise and more was to come. He said that he along with his senior defence officials have decided to increase the strength of the airstrikes and its rate against Hamas’s militants that are in the Gaza strip.

In another sign of more to come, the Israelis have also claimed that it will be widening its military net. The country said that it will be sending its troops to the Gaza border and 5,000 soldiers have already been ordered to mobilize by the Israeli defence ministry.

Before the rockets and airstrikes struck Palestine and Israel, there were multiple clashes between the militants of the two groups. The escalation reached to a point of no return when a confrontation occurred at Al-Aqsa Mosque at Jerusalem. The site is known to be a sacred one for both Jews and Muslims.

The on-going violence between Israel and Palestine began with the start of Ramadan, a holy month for Muslims across the world.

What United Nations is doing?

While the violence continued showing its devastating face to both Israelis and Palestinians, the White House condemned Hamas’ rocket attacks against Israel. Israel is a known ally to US and thus, US maintained its stance and said how Israel’s had a right to defend itself.

The White House spokesperson Jen Psaki said that the main agenda for US is de-escalation. She also spoke to reporters and said, “Jerusalem, a city of such importance to people of faith around the world, must be a place of co-existence.”

Meanwhile, U.N. Secretary General demanded an immediate halt to the escalation. A UN Spokesperson was quoted saying how the UN “is working with all relevant parties to de-escalate the situation urgently.” The spokesperson also said that the secretary-general is “gravely concerned” by the violence and he is “is deeply saddened to learn of increasingly large numbers of casualties, including children, from Israeli airstrikes in Gaza, and of Israeli fatalities from rockets launched from Gaza.”

It is reported that the United Nations. Security will be holding emergency meetings on Wednesday on the matter of Israel-Palestine violence. The Mideast envoy of the international body will be briefing 15 UN Council members at a high-profile meeting that was called at the request of other stake holders like China, Norway and Tunisia.

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