A thief in MP who stole from temple recently penned an apology note, mentioning that he suffered a lot after the theft. Returning the valuables he stole from the temple, the thief left an apology letter which read, “I am seeking an apology for my act. I made a mistake, forgive me. I have suffered a lot after the theft”. The incident was reported from Madhya Pradesh’s Balaghat district and occurred earlier on Sunday.

According to reports, the unidentified miscreant stole as many as 10 silver pieces which included ‘chhatras’, and three brass decorative items from a Jain temple located under the Lamta police station limits. The thief committed the crime earlier on October 24, on the day of Diwali 2022.

The stolen valuables and the apology note were found by some members of a Jain family. The family spotted a bag thrown in a small pit near the panchayat office, and alerted the police with the ordeal. During the inspection of the bag, the cops found the valuables and the apology note in which the thief mentioned how he suffered a lot after committing the theft.

On Sunday, the cops handed over the valuables back to the temple committee. The valuables were then included back in the temple after locals took out a procession.

The Facts of the Matter

While one may think of thieves as heartless scoundrels with no moral compass, there are some exceptions. Recently, we reported about a thief in Jabalpur who drove a hatchback to a temple, prayed before the God, before committing the theft. Along the same lines, there’s another thief who recently returned valuables he stole from a temple, and then returned the same with an apology note.

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Thief Targets Jain Temple

The incident was reported from Balaghat’s Lampta police station limits in Madhya Pradesh, where a thief targeted a Jain temple earlier on October 24, on the of Diwali 2022. After the crime, locals took to the Kotwali police station in Lamta limits and filed a complaint regarding the theft at Shantinath Digambar Jain temple.

Family Discovers Bag of Valuables

Before the cops could investigate the matter properly and catch the accused, a family of Jain members in the district found a bag lying in the pit close to the panchayat office. The family opened the bag, and found the valuables stolen from the Jain temple. Shockingly enough, they also spotted an apology note.

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“Suffered a lot”

Additional Superintendent of Police Vijay Dabar  told media that the letter read, “I am seeking an apology for my act. I made a mistake, forgive me. I have suffered a lot after the theft”. The valuables stolen from the temple included 10 silver pieces, including ‘chhatras’, and 3 brass decorative items.

On finding the bag filled with valuables and the apology note, the family submitted it to the local cops. The cops then handed over the valuables to the temple committee, who conducted a procession and inducted the stolen valuables again in the temple.

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Similar Incidents

It should be noted that this is not the first time a thief left a note in form of an apology or mockery. Earlier in 2021, a thief stole a bag containing 1,700 COVID-19 vaccines in Haryana’s Jind. Shockingly enough, the unknown miscreant returned the loot along with an apology note in Hindi which read – “Sorry, I didn’t know it was medicines for corona”.

In October 2021, thieves who targeted an MP official’s house in the state capital Bhopal were left frustrated after not finding much to loot. The thieves left a note expressing their frustration which read – “Jab paise nahi they toh lock nahi karna tha na collector (if there was no money, you shouldn’t have locked the house, collector)”.


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