In a developing story coming from Jabalpur, a female constable accused a TI (thana in-charge) of “using her like a wife”, and further claimed to kill self if the TI doesn’t marry her. The dramatic episode unfolded in a span of 13 hours where the Superintendent of Police also got involved.

Reportedly, after the female constable hurled accusations at the TI, she claimed that she would jump in the Narmada River to kill herself. While she was on her way to the Gwarighat, she called SP and told her side of the story, and added that she is on her way to kill self. A search operation was launched for the female constable and she was soon brought to the police station.

Reportedly, the TI was identified as Sandeep Ayachi. It should be noted that Ayachi was involved in a case of a Dalit minor’s rape back in 2012.

The Facts of the Matter

Love, rage, and infidelity – these three make the holy trinity of motives based on which most of the crimes are committed across the world. For a person who may have their life sorted and uncluttered, once they spiral down a route of love and infidelity, a pandora’s box automatically opens for them. And what emerges out of the box is chaos.

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TI Was Accused of Minor Girl’s Rape in 2012

Recently, a police station in Jabalpur became the venue of some serious filmy drama. It all started when a female constable alleged that the TI at the police station had “used her like a wife” for years. She claimed that if the TI doesn’t agree to marry her, she would kill herself. The TI has been identified as Sandeep Ayachi, a man, who was also accused of raping a minor girl in 2012.

A resident of Jablpur, Sandeep Ayachi is a TI in Barhil, Jabalpur. Earlier on Wednesday, the female constable took to the police station where Ayachi was serving at. In the station, she again insisted Ayachi to get married. However, when the TI disagreed to the same, she claimed that she will kill herself at the Narmada River.

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Female Constable Calls SP, Search Operation Kicked Off

On her way to the river, she also called the Superintendent of Police Siddharth Bahuguna and narrated her whole story to him. She also added that she will be killing herself as the TI is choosing not to marry her. The SP swung into action and directed authorities to search for the constable and bring her to the station.

SP, TI, Constable Lock Horns, Truth About Relationship Unveiled

For hours the TI, the SP and the female constable locked horns on the matter. During the discussion, the SP got to know about how the female constable and SI got involved with each other. Reportedly, the female constable and the TI got closer during COVID-19 when both of them were posted at the same police station.

After being physically involved with the constable, the TI assured her that he would marry her. When the TI was transferred to Katni, he continued his relationship with the constable and continued assuring her that he will one day indeed marry her. Meanwhile, the constable also continued to insist on getting married. Reportedly the TI is married and has children.

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Constable Agrees to Not Pursue Charges Against TI

It took about 13 hours for this dramatic incident to come to a conclusion. The SP had to involve the constable’s parents and other relatives in the matter. In the end, the female constable signed a letter wherein she said that she doesn’t want any case to be filed against the TI.


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