In a horrific incident reported from Jabalpur, a wife hired her lover as a contract killer for her husband’s murder. Reportedly, the woman had provided her lover with an ax. The woman had given her lover a contract worth Rs. 2 lakhs to kill her husband. The accused has been identified as Akhilesh Vishwakarma while the wife of victim has been identified as Usha Mishra Kushwaha. The victim has been identified as 40-year-old Naresh Mishra, a resident of Machala in Panagar. Reportedly, the accused committed the crime back on January 10. During the investigation of matter, it was revealed that Naresh Mishra used to harass his wife on a regular basis.

The Facts of the Matter

Love, deceit, and bloodlust – these three are the most common ingredients of some of the most horrific crimes committed across the world. When a person finds themselves blocked from all direction, and the sole respite for them is the end of a particular person, they take steps that can be beyond belief. Recently, a wife in Jabalpur took a similar step and hired her lover as a contract killer for her husband’s murder.

The incident was brought to light after the Jabalpur police arrested two people in connection with a merciless murder of a man. The man’s body was earlier found at a field in the Machhala village while his head was found about 100 meters away from the body.

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How an Already Married Usha met her Husband Naresh

According to reports, the woman, Usha Mishra Kushwaha, hired her lover Akhilesh Vishwakarma to kill her husband for Rs. 2 lakhs. Assistant Superintendent of Police Sanjay Aggarwal gave the gruesome insights into the entire case. He stated that seven years ago, Naresh met Usha at a dhaba who used to work there.

On meeting Usha, Naresh fell in love with her. However, he came to find out that Usha was a married woman with a 6-year-old son. However, Usha left the husband and moved to Machhala with her son and started living with Naresh.

Wife Forces Husband to Declare Property on Son’s Name

The news of marriage was not well-received in the village and Naresh had to marry Usha one more time in the village. Meanwhile, Naresh’s parents also passed away and their property was awarded to Naresh. Since then, Usha started pestering Naresh to announce her son as an inheritor of the property.

Moreover, the accused man Akhilesh was also an acquaintance of Naresh and the duo used to meet often at each other’s homes. At the same time, Naresh also started nursing the habit of drinking a lot of alcohol. He also started physically harassing his wife.

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Recipe of Disaster Emerges

Usha had also filed a complaint against her husband regarding the same. It was at this time that Usha started her relationship with Akhilesh. With the constant physical abuse, the fact that Naresh had not named her son as an inheritor of property, and her illicit affair with Akhilesh, a new recipe of disaster emerged.


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