In Jaipur, a 36-year-old nurse was held for undressing herself on the JLN Marg to protest delays in her posting orders.

The 36-year-old woman was arrested in Jaipur for creating a disturbance on JLN Marg. The woman, who had been suspended from her job as an auxiliary nurse midwife (ANM), was found yelling and not wearing any clothes on the road. According to the police, the woman had been seeking a posting since 2020 but was suspended for disciplinary reasons. She had also lodged a complaint against her in-laws, which had not been acted upon.

The police stated that the woman did not appear to be mentally unstable and was arrested under the charge of disrupting peace. She was presented before a court and later released after completing some legal formalities. The woman had previously worked in Beawar before being transferred to Ajmer and then Dudu. A complaint regarding her dispute with her in-laws has been filed at a Women’s Police Station in Ajmer.

Earlier in November 2022, a man named Ramesh Patil staged a unique protest by going half-naked in front of the Aurangabad Municipal Corporation’s office. He was demanding that toilets be built in the Gulmandi market, as the lack of such facilities has been causing inconvenience to buyers and sellers for several years.

The Facts of the Matter

While protests are an essential aspect of democracy, some people can go overboard with their methods and create scandals. Unusual and attention-grabbing protests can garner widespread attention, but they can also be considered inappropriate or offensive, causing ruckus in public.

In one such incident, a Jaipur-based nurse undressed herself on JLN Marg recently in order to protest the delay in her posting orders. The woman was initially reported to be mentally challenged, however, cops investigating the incident confirmed that the woman is mentally fit.

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Woman was Employed as auxiliary Nurse

The 36-year-old woman, formerly employed as an auxiliary nurse midwife in Rajasthan’s Alwar district, was recently taken into custody after causing a commotion on Jaipur’s Jawahar Lal Nehru (JLN) Marg. According to reports, she was discovered yelling and without clothing, which led to her arrest under Section 151 of the CrPC for disrupting public order.

Cop Gives Insights on Woman’s Mental Condition

Navratan Dholia, the SHO of SMS police station, provided insight into the woman’s state of mind, saying that she was enraged due to the lack of progress in resolving her grievance of being posted since 2020. Additionally, the woman had previously reported an issue concerning her in-laws, which had not been addressed.

Despite initial reports claiming that the woman was mentally ill, SHO Dholia was quick to note that the woman appeared to be mentally sound and aware of her surroundings. Nonetheless, female police personnel were summoned to assist in restraining the woman, who was uncooperative and unruly.

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Nurse held, Released

The accused’s professional history revealed that she had been transferred from Beawer to Ajmer and then to Dudu, where she was suspended by the department following disciplinary proceedings. Following her arrest, the woman was presented before a Jaipur court, which ultimately released her after conducting necessary legal formalities.

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Disturbing Video of Rampur Woman Roaming Naked Went Viral Recently

Earlier this year, a viral video of a naked woman wandering the streets of Rampur caused concern among residents and authorities alike. The footage shows the unidentified woman apparently seeking assistance by ringing doorbells in the vicinity, only to leave unattended.

According to a report in the Times of India, a local resident filed a complaint at the police station after observing the woman leave his home, followed by two motorcyclists and a police patrol van shortly thereafter. The resident estimates the woman to be in her mid-twenties.

The Rampur police have responded to the incident, claiming that the woman in the video is suffering from mental illness. They have reportedly given necessary instructions to her family members to prevent such situations from occurring in the future.


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