In a harrowing incident reported from Jamshedpur, a class 9 student set herself on fire after being forced to remove clothes by invigilator. The 14-year-old girl was rushed to a local hospital where she is currently undergoing treatment. As per reports, the girl sustained 80% burn injuries after setting herself on fire due to the humiliation.

The incident was reported from Jamshedpur’s Chayanagar which comes under the Sitarmdera jurisdiction and occurred earlier on Friday. The incident has sent shockwaves across the state and locals have expressed their outrage against the invigilator for forcing the girl to remove her clothes.

As per reports, the class 9 female student studies at the Shardamani English School and was giving her science examination. During the examination, her invigilator suspected her of cheating and hiding cheating material in her clothes.

Acting on the suspicion, the invigilator in question asked the minor girl to take her clothes off. While the girl resisted and refused to do so, the invigilator persisted and forced her to remove the clothes.

Humiliated due to the act of the invigilator, the girl came to her home after the examination was over. She got in her room, shut it from inside, and set herself ablaze.

Amid the outrage of locals and netizens on social media, authorities filed a complaint against the teacher, and an investigation is being conducted.

The Facts of the Matter

Months after the Kerala NEET fiasco, where female students appearing for the national entrance test were asked to remove bras for ‘security’ reasons, a similar incident was reported from Jamshedpur. In Jamshedpur’s Chayanagar, a class 9 student set herself ablaze after being forced to remove her clothes in exam.

The incident occurred earlier on Friday in Chayanagar, under the Sitaramdera police station limits.

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Invigilator Forces Girl to Remove Clothes

As per reports, the class 9 student was giving her science examination when her invigilator suspected her of cheating and keeping the cheating material inside her clothes. The invigilator acted on the suspicion and asked the girl to remove her clothes

Horrified at the demand, the minor student refused to remove her clothes. However, when the invigilator persisted, the girl eventually succumbed to the demands.

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Humiliated Minor Sets Herself on Fire

After the exams were done, the minor girl rushed to her home. Devastated and humiliated, she locked herself in her room where she set herself on fire. She was rushed to a nearby hospital, where she is currently being treated for the 80% burn injuries she sustained.

Parents Find Out About the Incident

Meanwhile, the girl’s neigbour Sangeeta Devi, told media that the girl’s parents found out about the ordeal in the school after the girl’s friends told them the entire incident.

Speaking to media, Sangeeta Devi said that the girl’s classmates immediately came to home and told her parents about the invigilator’s demands and the girl’s predicament.

After the incident, outraged locals have protested against the teacher’s actions and want strict action imposed on the teacher. Sitaramdera police station-in charge told media that further details are awaited in the matter.

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How Girls Face Misogynistic Abuse in Exams

The incident comes months after female NEET aspirants in Kerala were forced to remove their bras for “security” reasons. While the National Testing Agency, which conducts the exam, dismissed the incident as being “fictitious”, many parents of female aspirants came forward and told how their daughters were forced to go through the inhumane imposition.

Earlier in September 2021, a 19-year-old girl, who came to give exams, was forced to wrap curtain around her legs and write the exams with her legs “covered”.


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