Samajwadi Party leader Jaya Bachchan lightened the mood in Rajya Sabha yesterday during the discussion on the Women’s Reservation Bill. Addressing Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar, Bachchan jokingly complimented his chair, saying “Sir, your chair is very interesting. Now I know why you keep coming back and sitting here so long. In this seven-star hotel, if there’s anything good, it’s your chair.”

Thanks Chairman for Allowing Women MPs to Chair Proceedings

Bachchan also thanked Dhankhar for allowing about 13 women MPs to chair the proceedings along with him as the historic bill was debated. She said this precedent should continue and “shouldn’t be cosmetic, otherwise the women of this House will label you a plastic surgeon.” Dhankhar sportingly responded that he knows Bachchan’s “fire power.”

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Rajya Sabha Unanimously Passes Women’s Reservation Bill

The Rajya Sabha unanimously passed the Women’s Reservation Bill yesterday, marking a historic moment. Once implemented, the bill will increase the number of women MPs in Lok Sabha from the current 82 to 181. It also reserves 33% of seats in state assemblies for women.

Lok Sabha Had Overwhelmingly Passed The Bill Earlier

The Lok Sabha had already passed the bill on Wednesday with support from 454 MPs and only 2 voting against it.

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Bachchan Calls for Reservations Within Reservations

While supporting the bill, Bachchan demanded reservations for OBC and Muslim women within it. She called on the ruling BJP to properly implement the bill if serious about women’s representation, saying “give tickets to them (Muslim women)…you have strength, make the will.”

Implementation Depends on Next Census and Delimitation

The bill’s implementation depends on the next Census and delimitation exercise. It aims to improve gender balance in Parliament and state assemblies. Yesterday’s friendly exchange between veterans Bachchan and Dhankhar added a touch of humor during discussion on this historic legislation.

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