In a brazen daylight heist, unidentified men broke into a jewellery store in Delhi’s Jangpura area and decamped with gold and diamond jewellery estimated to be worth Rs 20-25 crore.

The Break-in

The incident occurred sometime between Sunday evening and Tuesday morning at Umrao Jewellers located in the Bhogal area of Jangpura.

According to police reports, the thieves gained access to the four-storey building by drilling a hole through the terrace. They then reached the ground floor where the strong room containing the valuables was located. The burglars bored a hole into the strong room wall to gain entry and emptied its contents.

In addition to the strong room, the thieves also cleared out all the jewellery kept on display at the showroom. The showroom owner had locked up on Sunday evening and discovered the theft when he came to open the premises on Tuesday morning, as the store is closed on Mondays.

Meticulous Planning

The heist was clearly meticulously planned, as evidenced by the disconnection of CCTV cameras and disabling of security alarms to avoid detection. The burglars used gas cutters to bore the holes and knew exactly where to look for the loot.

Police are analyzing footage from the period before the cameras were disabled to identify suspects. However, the perpetrators left few clues, stumping investigators.

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Biggest Heist in Delhi Recently

According to the shop owner, the stolen items were worth Rs 20-25 crore, making this one of the biggest jewellery heists in Delhi in recent memory.

Only silver jewellery was left behind as the thieves focused on more precious gold and diamond ornaments. The shop owner grew suspicious after noticing the broken signage and discovered the theft only upon opening the shutters.

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Police Investigation

Police have registered a case and are investigating the matter. Teams are examining all possible getaway routes and footage from CCTVs installed nearby.

According to reports, two suspects have been spotted on camera but their identities remain unclear. Forensic experts are scouring the crime scene for any fingerprints or DNA evidence.

The method of entry and exit, exact loss valuation and culprits behind the daylight heist can only be confirmed after a thorough probe. Police officials have described the incident as a “big burglary” case and are working swiftly to crack it.

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Spate of Robberies

This audacious robbery comes close on the heels of a similar jewellery showroom heist in Haryana’s Ambala two days ago where thieves decamped with valuables after drilling a hole in the wall.

Police remain on high alert in Delhi and neighboring states as this spate of bold and cleverly executed jewellery store robberies continues unchecked. However, officers are hopeful that the ruthless burglars will be nabbed soon.


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