In a horrific incident from Jharkhand, 60-year-old woman was accused of witchcraft and was set on fire by the villagers. The elderly woman suffered 30% burns on her body and was later sent to the Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences for advanced treatment. The victim has been identified as Jhario Devi, a resident of Kurpaani village, about 100 km from the state capital Ranchi.

The incident happened after the victim attended funeral services in the village after a woman in the village had passed away. Reportedly, the husband of the deceased woman, Florence Dungdung accused the Jhario for the death his wife. Accusing the woman of witchcraft, the man started beating her along with a group of villagers and later set her on fire. So far six people have been arrested in the matter.


In 2019, the National Crime Records Bureau revealed that Jharkhand was ranked third in the states with most number of murders due to witch-hunting cases. The state has continually witnessed a spurt in the witch-hunting phenomenon and in 2019, 15 murders were committed due to the social evil. Sitting on top of list was Chhattisgarh with as many as 22 murders.

Witch-hunting has been a social-evil in India, and even in this day and age, continues to be so. To minimize casualties due to the trials, The Prevention of Witch (DAAIN) Practices Act 2001 have been put in place. Yet, casualties continue to be reported under the gruesome guise of the barbaric crime.

Recently, another woman became the victim of the social evil after she was thrashed and set on fire.

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The Facts of the Matter

In the vein of a mob-lynching crime, a 60-year-old woman was set ablaze by villagers after being accused of witchcraft earlier this Wednesday. The tribal woman was also thrashed brutally by a group of villagers who acted on the suspicion. The incident was reported from Kurpaani village which comes under the Tethaitangar police station jurisdiction. The victim has been identified as Jhario Devi.

Man Accuses Tribal Woman of Witchcraft

The incident occurred when the elderly tribal woman attended the funeral service of a woman, who was the wife of the accused Florence Dungung. At the funeral service, Dungung accused the tribal woman of being a witch and indulging into witchcraft. He further alleged that his wife passed away due to the woman’s ‘witchcraft’.

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Victim Thrashed, Burned, Rescued by Villagers

After accusing her, Florence and a few villagers ganged up against the victim. They reportedly thrashed her brutally. Later, they poured kerosene all over her and burned her. When other villagers heard her screams, they rushed to the spot and rescued the victim.

The woman was brought to the Simdega district hospital. Seeing the extent of her injuries, the hospital referred her to the Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS). Reportedly, the woman has sustained 30% injuries.

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6 Arrested, Woman Suffers 30% Injuries

A Hindustan Times report quoted the Superintendent of Police Shams Tabrez saying, “The incident took place between 9 pm and 10 pm on Wednesday. On getting information, police rushed to the spot but by then, her relatives and other villagers had already taken her to Simdegasadar hospital. Doctors said the woman suffered around 30 percent burns. She has been referred to RIMS for better treatment.”

The SP also added that six people have been arrested in the case


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