Jharkhand-based actor Riya Kumari was recently murdered on a highway. Following the murder, her husband gave a suspicious statement and was later arrested by the police. The shocking incident was reported from a highway in West Bengal and occurred earlier on Wednesday. The incident transpired when the actor and her husband were travelling on the national highway, and were in Howrah district.

As per her husband’s version, Riya Kumari, also known by her screen name Isha Alya, was at National Highway 16 with him. Sometime around 6 am, he stopped to relieve himself when a trio of miscreants attacked him. Riya tried to rescue her husband, and as per her husband’s version of story, she was shot point black.

The police have not found Riya’s husband’s version satisfactory. Cops are suspicious as to how the accused found out that Riya’s husband will stop his vehicle at that particular spot. The second suspicion police have is how Riya’s husband never realised that they were being tailed by the accused. Further, the spot where the husband parked the vehicle, raises question as it is not appropriate for a halt even for a short period.

Riya’s husband has been identified as Prakash Kumar. Kumari’s family have alleged that Prakash had been violent in the past and suspected her of having an affair.

The Facts of the Matter

On Wednesday, popular Jharkhand-based actor Riya Kuari, also known as Isha Alya, was murdered in what was claimed by her husband, to be a robbery attempt. Riya was murdered by being shot at point blank at National Highway 16 in the presence of her husband Prakash Kumar. Following the incident, the cops have arrested Prakash as his version of the events had loopholes.

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Trio were on NH 16

The matter came to the fore after Prakash himself took to the cops and alerted them about the matter. As per reports, Riya and her husband Prakash, along with their two-year-old daughter, were heading to Kolkata. The trio were at Howrah district’s National Highway 16 when Prakash stopped his car to relieve himself.

Being Shot At Point Blank

At this point, Prakash claimed that they were attacked by a trio of accused men, who were trying to rob him. Kumari allegedly tried to intervene and save her husband, when she was shot point blank by the accused. He alleged that he traveled for a few kilometers with his fatally injured wife and later found some locals from whom he sought help. She was later rushed to the SCC Medical College in Uluberia, and was declared dead on arrival.

A PTI report quoted a police officer involved in the investigation saying, “We have spoken to the husband, and since the daughter is too young we may talk to her later as we do not want to cause her more trouble. We will also speak to the locals whom the man approached for help.”

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Loopholes in Husband’s Version

After questioning Prakash Kumar, the police arrested him after finding some loopholes in his narrative. The police are suspicious over three improbable co-incidences. The first being how the accused know that Prakash would be stopping his vehicle at that particular secluded spot.

The second co-incidence the police are not buying is how Prakash never realised he was being tailed. The last co-incidence that led to Prakash’s arrest is the fact that the spot where he parked his car, is not appropriate for a halt for a limited period of time.

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Prakash was Allegedly a Violent Husband

It should be noted that Riya’s wife has alleged that Prakash had been violent with her in the past and had been angry over Riya’s YouTube earnings. Further, they also alleged Prakash had been suspecting Riya of having an extramarital affair.

The cops are investigating the CCTV footage and have also seized the car the trio were travelling by for further forensic investigation.


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