In a truly baffling development from Jharkhand, a bedridden man started walking after vaccination. The man’s family had reportedly spent Rs. 4 lakhs in his treatment earlier. But what lakhs of rupees for the treatment couldn’t achieve, a free COVID-19 vaccination ended up achieving.

Now, the man will be subject to multiple tests under research which may tell what kind of reaction the vaccine had on his body. The person in question has been identified as 55-year-old Dularchand Munda. The baffling incident was reported from Jharkhand’s Bokaro district. Reportedly, Mr. Munda got inoculated earlier on January 6, and on January 9, he was able to stand on his feet, something that he and his family were waiting for since the last 4 years.


As the nation fights tooth and nail against the ongoing peak of the pandemic’s third way with the help of a large-scale vaccination drive, fascinating reports have emerged around the subject.

While vaccine hesitancy is still widespread among various sections of the society, certain anomalies have come out with fascinating after-effects of the vaccine. Earlier, a man from Bihar reported that he got as many as 12 doses of COVID-19 vaccine. It was also claimed by the man that his health drastically improved after the vaccine. A case has been booked by the police against the man, aimed at stopping him from getting more doses.
Meanwhile, another anomaly has emerged from Jharkhand where a bed-ridden man was able to stand on his feet after getting inoculated.

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The Facts of the Matter

In an unusual development, a 55-year-old man from Jharkhand, who had been bed-ridden for about five years, claimed to be able to move after getting vaccinated. Mr. Dularchand Munda was reportedly vaccinated with the dose of Covishield earlier on January 4. On January 9, his family and later, doctors he consulted were awe-struck when they found him being able to move and walk. Mr. Munda was quoted by an NDTV report saying, “Glad to have taken this vaccine. I can move my legs after taking the vaccine on January 4.

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The Curious Case of Mr. Munda

The 55-year-old man from Bokaro was reportedly paralyzed after getting injured in a road accident. Because of the same, he remained bed-ridden for the most part. He will now be subjected to multiple tests, which will help researchers narrow down the vaccine’s effects on his body. On the subject, Bokaro Civil Surgeon Dr. Jitendra Kumar claimed that he has reached out to subject matter experts to analyze Mr. Munda’s medical history and the vaccine’s after effects.

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“Voice Came Back, Feet Also Moved”

After the road accident, Mr. Munda also lost his voice along with being paralyzed. However, after getting inoculated, it is being reported that he also regained his voice. He was quoted by news agencies saying, “My voice came back and my feet also moved.

Medical Experts Baffled at Mr. Munda’s Recovery

As expected, the curious case of Mr. Munda has baffled medical experts. Bokaro surgeon Dr. Kumar added that the 55-year-old man’s case needs to be further analyzed to come to a consensus. “Had he recovered from a medical condition not more than some days old, it could be understood but recovering suddenly from a four-year-old medical condition after taking the vaccine is unbelievable”, Dr. Kumar added.

Meanwhile, Petawar health centre’s in charge Albel Kerketta also opined that more answers will be ascertained when proper research conducted on Mr. Munda’s history, and his post-vaccination recovery.

Family Had Sold Land for Mr. Munda’s Treatment

According to a Dainik Bhaskar report, Mr. Munda’s family took him to Bokaro, Dhanbad, and Ranchi’s famous hospital RIMS for advanced treatment. For the treatment, the family had to sell a piece of their land. Somehow, they managed to put Rs. 4 lakhs into Mr. Munda’s treatment, however, the treatment never worked and Mr. Munda remained bed-ridden.


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