In Jharkhand, a man allegedly beheaded cousin & scattered his body parts over a land dispute. Furthermore, the friends of the accused took a selfie with the severed head of the victim. The incident was reported from Jharkhand’s Khunti district and occurred earlier on Friday in the Murhu police station area. The main suspect in the matter is identified as Sagar Munda, while the victim is identified as Kanu Munda.

The matter came to the fore after the victim’s father filed a complaint regarding the matter. As per Desai Muda, victim’s father, he was informed by the villagers that his nephew Sagar, accompanied by his friends, abducted his son with. After looking for his son to no avail, Desai was forced to file a complaint, based on which an FIR was registered.

The police initiated an investigation, and the accused Sagar was arrested. After the arrest, the victim’s torso was found at a nearby forest area, while his severed head was found 15 km away. Further, the cops also seized six phones, two sharp blood-stained objects, an axe, and an SUV.

Murhu police station officer-in-charge Chudamani Tudu told PTI, that there had been a dispute between the two sides over property, which prompted the accused to commit the crime.

The Facts of the Matter

As per NCRB’s report from 2021, Jharkhand registered the highest murder rate among all the 36 states and U/Ts in India. While the all-India murder rate average per one lakh population was 4.1. Jharkhand’s murder rate per one lakh population was at a shocking 4.1. The state registered as many as 1,606 number of victims in 1,573 cases.

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Land Dispute Causes Horrific Murder

Recently, there was another gruesome murder reported from Jharkhand, where a man was beheaded by his cousin over land dispute.

In Jharkhand, six persons, including the prime accused Sagar, and his wife, were arrested earlier on Sunday after a missing person’s complaint was filed by the victim’s father on December 2. The prime accused was identified as Sagar Munda while the victim was identified as Kanu Munda.

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Victim’s Father Told About Son’s Abduction

The matter came to the fore when the father of the deceased had returned to his home, and was told by the locals that his nephew Sagar and his friends abducted his son. Kanu was reportedly all alone when other members of his family had gone to fields for their daily work.

After failing to trace his son, the deceased’s father took to the local police station and filed a police complaint regarding the matter. A team of cops, headed by Amit Kumar, Khunti Sub-divisional police officer, initiated an investigation and the accused as apprehended.

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Head Found 15 km Away from Torso

Following the accused’s arrest, the victim’s torso was found at a nearby forest area while his head was found some 15 km away at the Dulwa Tungri area. As per initial investigation, the accused’s friends reportedly took selfie with the victim’s severed head.

Further, the cops were also able to seize two blood-stained weapons an SUV, an axe, and six phones. As per Chudamani Tudu, Murhu police station officer-in-charge, there was a long-standing dispute between the two parties over a piece of land, which was the primary motive of the killing.


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