In a baffling incident reported from Jharkhand, a man reportedly married two women in one ceremony and was quoted saying that he loves them both and can’t leave either of them. The man with now two wives was identified as Sandeep Oraon who recently married his two brides – Kusum Lakra and Swati Kumari.

The trio tied the knot in Jharkhand’s Banda village in Lohardaga’s Bhandara block. It should be noted that the marriages were consensual in nature and the family of both the brides accepted the arrangement.

According to reports, Sandeep and Kusum were in a relationship for three years and even had a child together. Due to strange twist of fate, Sandeep had to move to West Bengal to work in a brick klin. In West Bengal, he met Swati and the duo started talking to each other. Their relationship bloomed and soon the family members of Sandeep opposed it.

Several conflicts, and a few brawls later, a panchayat was called by villagers to find the resolution. Soon, it was adjudged that Sandeep will be marrying both the women. Interestingly, neither of the families disagreed to the same and the couple got married recently.

After the marriage, Sandeep was interviewed by India Today where he said, “There may be a legal issue with marrying two women together, but I love both of them and I cannot leave either of them.”

The Facts of the Matter

In India, the concept of polygamy is still a taboo with a complete prohibition in Hindu community with regards to such relationships. However, Muslims, tribals and certain communities in Goa, are allowed to practice bigamy (having two wives).

Bigamy in Jharkhand – Meet Sandeep and his Brides

Recently, a man in Jharkhand practiced bigamy where he married two women in the same ceremony. The trio involved in the matter are Sandeep Oraon and his two brides Kusum Lakra and Swati Kumari. The wedding took place in Lohardaga, Jharkhand.

Sandeep Lived in a Live-in Relationship

According to reports, Sandeep and Kusum had been in a live-in relationship for the last three years and also had a child together. However, due to strange twist of fate, Sandeep had to move to West Bengal where he was supposed to work in a brick kiln.

Twist of Fate

This was when Sandeep met Swati who was also employed at the brick kiln. The duo met each other extensively, even after they both returned to their respective homes. This did not continue for too long as the families of both Sandeep and Swati found out about their relationship.

Matters Escalate to Brawl, Final Verdict Announced

The family members and villagers started opposing their relationship. The situation escalated to multiple brawls and arguments. Soon it was decided that the panchayat would make the decision and the groom and his two partners would have to uphold the decision.

The panchayat later decided that Sandeep must marry both the women and as this was panchayat’s decision, neither of the families of the two women objected to the decision.


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