In a baffling incident reported from Jharkhand, a monkey stormed into a government school and attended a class with the students. It is being reported that the monkey did not injure any students and simply sat on the bench as other students scrambled away to maintain a distance. The entire incident was caught on cam, visuals of which are going viral on Twitter.

While there have been recent reports of monkeys causing harm to humans and animals, the recent video shows the heartwarming and adorable side of the animal when it is not agitated. The incident took place earlier this week at a government school in Jharkhand and video of the same was shared by a Twitter user Deepak Mahato.

According to IANS, the government school’s headmaster admitted that the monkey regularly visits the school every morning at 9 am and leaves it when the classes end. Earlier last week, the monkey in question entered a classroom filled with class 9 students.

The IANS report also mentioned that the monkey was earlier spotted sitting in the headmaster’s cabin. When the classes began, he went and sat on the class bench where the students were gathered.

The school administration claimed that the officers of forest department were called, however, the monkey could not be caught.

The Facts of the Matter

Due to unending urbanization, forests that were supposed to inhabit animals, are now being cut down to make more spaces for humans. This results in animal-human related conflicts and incidents. Recently, a monkey ended up entering a class of a government school and decided to take the class with all the students gathered.

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Jharkhand Govt School Gets New Student

As per reports, the monkey was caught on video, sitting calmly on the ground, as other students carefully maintain a safe distance from the creature. Meanwhile, a teacher can be seen going about his teaching and appears to be write something on the blackboard.

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Twitter User Shares Video of Monkey Attending Class

The incident was brought to notice by a Twitter user who shared the video of the monkey in Jharkhand government school class. He also captioned the video with, “In #Jharkhand’s #Hazaribagh a #wild langoor attends a government school along with other students”.

The Twitter user shared another picture of a class filled with students, and a monkey sitting on the front bench of the class.

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Monkey Gets Into Principal’s Cabin

In another video, the monkey can be seen sitting on what is being reported, as the table in headmaster’s cabin. “A langur was seen studying with the children in Danua’s Plus Two School under Chauparan block of Hazaribagh district, sitting on the bench with the students of class IX for the last 3 days, flipping the copy book and sitting with the students for hours,” a Twitter user reported about the development.

According to reports, the monkey has been attending the classes in the government school for the last one week. The school’s headmaster in an interview to IANS mentioned that the monkey regularly comes to school at around 9 in the morning, and leaves the premises when the school ends.

Forest Officers Failed to Catch the Monkey

Earlier last week, the monkey somehow managed to go to headmaster’s room and sat on the table. When the classes started, the monkey entered the class. Although the principal tried to shoo the monkey away, the monkey remained in the classroom.

It should be noted that the school children or administration have not been injured by the monkey.

According to IANS, school management committee chairman Saklal Dev Yadav mentioned that although team from forest department was called to catch the monkey, they could not do so.


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