In a blood-curdling incident reported from Jharkhand, a 3-month pregnant woman was allegedly gangraped by six men for four hours in front of her husband. All six accused have been reported arrested. The incident was reported from a region under Satbarwa Police Station area jurisdiction in Palamu district. While two accused were arrested hours after the incident on Sunday, the other four accused were arrested on Monday.

As per the husband of the survivor, he was persuading her to return home after a marital dispute. This was when the accused ambushed the couple, thrashed the husband, and took the wife to a nearby location. For the next four hours, the survivor’s husband could hear and see his wife getting violated by the accused, who took turns to rape her.

Somehow the severely injured survivor managed to go to the spot where his wife was taken. However, to his horror, he saw his wife being taken by the accused to another location. The motorcycle that she was taken on collided with another four-wheeler.

The woman shouted for help and soon the locals rescued her. While two accused were nabbed by the locals, others fled the scene of crime.

The incident comes just days after a pregnant woman in Uttar Pradesh suffered a miscarriage after being gang-raped by three accused.

The Facts of the Matter

Like many states, the state of Jharkhand also witnessed a rise in rape cases in 2021. As many as 1,608 rape cases were reported in Jharkhand in 2021 against 1,373 such cases reported in 2020. Meanwhile, the state reported another heinous gang-rape case where a pregnant woman was violated in the presence of her husband by a group of six men.

The incident was reported near Bakoria Bhaluahi Valley located in Satbarwa Police Station area.

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Survivor had Quarrel with In-Laws

According to reports, the survivor had left for her father’s home after a quarrel at her in-laws earlier on Saturday. While she was walking her way to her maternal home, she was ambushed by six men on motorcycles.

The accused group of men first thrashed the woman’s husband and another relative who were following her and persuading her to return home. After they thrashed the survivor’s husband and relative, the accused men took her to a nearby place and raped her.

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Husband Witnesses Horrors Inflicted on Wife

The accused, who was just nearby, heard and saw his wife being violated repeatedly by the six men for as many as four hours. After regaining consciousness, he somehow managed to get to the spot where the accused had taken his wife.

To his horror, he saw his wife being taken by the accused on the motorcycle for a different place. As the accused left the scene, their motorcycle collided into an oncoming four-wheeler vehicle and the woman screamed for help.

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Locals Nab Two Accused

The locals rushed to the rescue and two of the accused were nabbed by them. Meanwhile, the remaining accused fled the scene of crime.

Locals handed the two accused to the police, and they were arrested on Sunday. Meanwhile, the police began a search operation to nab the remaining accused, who were arrested on Monday.

The survivor is admitted to the Medininagar Medical College and Hospital and her condition is reported to be stable.


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