The US sports community was devastated at the passing of Jim Hines, formerly an esteemed sprinter who became the first ever to clock in at less than 10 seconds for the 100-meter dash. He would later take to the field in the NFL, although his hand-eye coordination was not as sharp as his running.

Jim Hines was an Olympic champion sprinter who made history by becoming the first man to run the 100 metre race in under 10 seconds. Throughout his athletic career, he was notably neck-and-neck with his friend Charlie Green. During the 1968 Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) national championships, the two ran a wind-aided sprint across 100 metres in 9.8 seconds, which was the first ever legal sub-10 second time. At the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City, Hines won gold with a time of 10.0 seconds. Hines worked in the oil hire industry in his later years and became famous for having his gold medals stolen just days after the Olympics but later returned to him in an envelope.

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