India is a land of miracles & magicians with talented people in the small cities making the country proud. Recently, a JNU Computer Operator called Vinod Chaudhary is making news for having 9 Guinness World Records to his name. A typing maverick, Chaudhary has several records to his name in the space of typing.


When we think of a computer operator, the image of an unassuming man crunching numbers on the keyboard with large glasses on takes over our brain. But away beyond the generalizations and stereotypes, people like Vinod Kumar Chaudhary live. These people go on to make their professions their superpowers, and register records one after the other.

Jawaharlal Nehru University’s Vinod Kumar Chaudhary too is a computer operator who has not one, not three, not five or six records on his name – but seven Guinness World Records on his name. The 41-year-old man works in JNU’s SES Department (School of Environmental Sciences).

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Vinod Chaudhary: The Fast and The Curious


Image Courtesy | TOI twitter account

While the COVID-19 induced lockdown hampered the productivity of several million people across the world in 2020, Vinod used that period to hone his typing skills and also register his latest typing record. Vinod’s journey of creating world records in the field of typing started in 2014 when he made the record of typing fastest with nose. He typing 103 characters in just 46.30 seconds to set the record.

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Breaking His Own Records


Image Courtesy | TOI twitter account

Soon, he made similar records like typing fastest in the world with a blindfold on (all alphabets in just 6.71 seconds), typing fastest in the world with a mouth stick (all alphabets in just 18.65 seconds). In 2018, he broke his own record by typing all alphabets with a mouth stick in 17.69 seconds and in 2019, broke the prior record to create a new record of achieving the feat in 17.01 seconds.

Back in 2019, Vinod made another record for the Guinness Book and typed all alphabets fastest using one finger. The record’s time was 29.53 seconds.

As to what made him do so, Vinod claims that his fascination with speed that made him work on his typing skills and make the record.

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“Always fascinated by speed”: Vinod Chaudhary


Image Courtesy | TOI twitter account

Speaking to PTI, Vinod said-

“I was always fascinated by speed. As a child I was very enthusiastic about sports but as I grew up I could not pursue sports due to some health issues. I, then, developed a similar passion for speed on computer.”

He further added that after receiving the certificate of setting the record, he got the motivation to continue on the path and hone his talent,

“Once, I got my certificate for the record, it gave me a different kind of motivation and I started practicing for more such records. I spent next one year practicing and in 2016 I made two records,”

-Vinod said.


Image Courtesy | TOI twitter account

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Aim to have as many records as Sachin Tendulkar

Speaking to PTI, Vinod said how his aim is to have over 19 record credits to his name in the Guinness book.

“My aim is to make over 19 entries in the Guinness book, a record held by veteran cricketer Sachin Tendulkar. I keep looking for new ideas and practicing for them.”

A humanitarian at heart, Vinod also aims to set up a complete computer institute without infrastructural limitations so that needy and deserving can get free computer training. He has started on his journey already and says-

“Right now I run it at home. I have few computers where students can practice but I have my own limitations financially. I plan to expand the centre some day.”

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