In a distressing incident, Punjabi actor Aman Dhaliwal, who played roles in film Jodha Akbar and television show Porus, was stabbed by an assailant at a gym, with the disturbing video of the attack gone viral on social media. The actor was at a gym when an assailant attacked him and left him bloodied and injured. The gym in question was Planet Fitness gym located at 3685 Grand Oaks in Corona, California.

The gruesome incident took place while Dhaliwal was busy exercising in the gym. In a matter of moments, Dhaliwal found himself at the mercy of the knife-wielding maniac. The attacker, caught on camera, can be seen asking for water while holding Dhaliwal at knife-point. But the brave actor refused to give in to the assailant’s demands and fought back with all his might.

The scuffle that ensued left Dhaliwal with several injuries and scars across his torso, a testament to the violence and brutality of the attack. Though injured and bleeding, Dhaliwal refused to give up and managed to get hold of the assailant while others present tried to prevent the perpetrator from escaping.

Dhaliwal suffered multiple stab wounds and was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. A picture of him covered in bandages has surfaced from the hospital, and he is currently receiving treatment.

The Facts of the Matter

Incidents of violence can strike anyone, regardless of their status, fame, or position in society. Recently, the Punjabi film industry was shaken to its core when one of its most popular actors, Aman Dhaliwal, was brutally attacked in a gym. The unprovoked attack left Dhaliwal with several injuries and scars, highlighting how even celebrities and actors are not immune to such acts of violence.

Aman Dhaliwal, who is known for featuring in films like Jodha Akbar and Big Brother, was exercising at a California based gym, when he was attacked by a sharp-object yielding attacker. The entire attack was caught on video, which has since gone viral on Twitter.

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What Does the Video Show

(Trigger warning – blood, violence)

Terror and chaos erupted upon the gym when the menacing attacker brandished a knife, unleashing a reign of terror upon innocent gym-goers. Amidst the panic and commotion, popular actor Aman Dhaliwal found himself at the mercy of the crazed assailant.

Video capturing the harrowing incident shows the attacker demanding water while holding Dhaliwal hostage with a knife. However, the brave actor seized an opportune moment and managed to wrestle the attacker to the ground, even as others around him tried to prevent the perpetrator from fleeing the scene.

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Watch the Video here

(Discretion Advised)

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Dhaliwal in Hospital with Several Stab Wounds

According to reports, the cops were alerted immediately after the incident took place, and the accused assailant was arrested. While the probe goes on, Dhaliwal has been hospitalized after sustaining multiple stab wounds on his body and is reported to be in critical condition. Purported pictures of Dhaliwal covered in bandages have also surfaced, and an official statement from the actor is awaited.


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