In a horrific incident, a teacher in Jodhpur was arrested after being caught on CCTV brutally thrashing his wife & teenage daughter. The incident was reported from Phalodi town in Jodhpur, Rajasthan and the accused was identified as Kailash Suthar, a teacher who works at a private school in Jodhpur. Not only did the accused thrash his wife and teenage daughter, but he also made her wife sit semi-clothed under the sun.

In the now gone viral video, the accused can be seen beating his wife relentlessly inside the house. In the horrific altercation, where the woman tries to resist the man and tries to defend herself, he overpowers her repeatedly and thrashes her in the presence of his daughter.

He further makes her sit half-clothed in the sun and eats his food. Meanwhile, the wife can be seen crying in agony and agitation – having her dignity and physical self – both being assaulted by her husband.

After the video of the incident went viral, the cops took cognizance of the matter. Although the wife had not filed any complaint against her husband, the police arrested the accused for disturbing peace. During interrogation, the accused confessed that his wife is mentally ill.

Earlier in May, another video had emerged from Rajasthan where a woman was seen brutally thrashing her husband with a cricket bat.

The Facts of the Matter

Like many issues, domestic violence is not only deeply ingrained across the nation, but widely normalized as well. So much so that in several rural areas, women who are victims of such abuse, claim that abuse is simply a part of their lives, and something that has stayed prevalent for generations. Meanwhile, another horrific domestic abuse incident was recently reported from Rajasthan.

According to reports, a private teacher was caught on CCTV physically assaulting his wife, making her sit semi-clothed in hot Rajasthan sun, and even assaulting his teenage daughter who tried to intervene. The incident was reported from Jodhpur’s Phalodi town and the accused was identified as Kailash Suthar.

Harrowing visuals of the incident have since gone viral on social media.

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What Does the Video Show (Trigger Warning – Domestic Abuse)

In the video gone viral, a man can be seen beating his wife inside his home. The man drags her by her hair at several places and slams her repeatedly. Meanwhile, the wife tries to resist the attack and the man’s teenage daughter also grabs a plastic groom to defend herself, the man simply overpowers them all.

The man also goes on to make his wife sit semi-clothed in the sun as he eats food.

Watch Video here (Trigger Warning – Domestic Abuse)

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Wife Mentally Ill, Lost Calm : Accused

After the incident’s video went viral, the police took cognizance of the matter and arrested the man. It should be noted that the accused’s wife had not filed a complaint against him and hence, the police arrested him under the charges of disturbing the peace.

During the interrogation, the accused confessed that his wife is mentally ill. He also added that he lost his calm with his wife after being tired of the mental illness treatment she is receiving.

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Rajasthan 2nd In Crimes Against Women After UP: NCRB

According to National Crime Records Bureau data, Rajasthan emerged second in the crimes against women amongst all the states in 2021. Shockingly enough, this was the third consecutive time that the largest state by area reported the maximum number of rape cases. Meanwhile, Uttar Pradesh led the undesirable list and Maharashtra, West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh followed Rajasthan.


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