In today’s episode of ‘Just Bengaluru Things’, a Swiggy guy reportedly called a Dunzo agent to have a coffee delivered to a customer. The incident was first brought to netizens’ notice by a man called Omkar Joshi who shared a screenshot of WhatsApp chat where a person can be heard saying that he ordered a coffee from Swiggy and the delivery guy ended up Dunzo-ing the coffee. Omkar Joshi also tagged popular Twitter page ‘peakbengaluru’ which often shares incidents from the city that truly makes the city special. “Hello @peakbengaluru, the latest Bangalore update is broken,” Joshi’s tweet read.

Netizens were left in splits thanks to the delivery guy’s unique way of getting work done. “Outsourcing, Delegating, Management! Many things to learn from this tweet”, a netizen hilariously remarked. Another netizen commented that the traffic at certain places in Bengaluru is ‘brutal’, and that ‘its sensible to outsource even if its your core job’.

Meanwhile, a netizen added another layer in the already complex matter, commenting “imagine if the dunzo guy booked a bike rapido to deliver”.

The Facts of the Matter

In Bengaluru, a delivery agent of a food delivery startup was ‘too lazy’ to deliver an order. So obviously, the delivery agent used the services of another hyper-local delivery app’s agent and had him deliver the customer’s food. If this doesn’t sound like ‘Peak Bengaluru’ hub, we are not sure what else would. While this may sound like a report from a Faking News article, it’s apparently real, if we believe the screenshot that’s going viral on Twitter.

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Twitter User Shares Chat of ‘Peak Bengaluru’ Behavior

The story came to the fore after a Twitter user Omkar Joshi shared a screenshot of his chat with a friend who had placed an order on food delivery app Swiggy. The friend had placed an order of coffee from a CCD outlet.

“I ordered a coffee on Swiggy from CCD,” the text in the screenshot read. “The delivery guy picked it up but was too lazy to come deliver it here,” the texts that followed read.

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‘Sir I have Dunzoed, Give me 5-Star’

Although the delivery agent may have been ‘too lazy’ to deliver the order, he was surely not willing to let go of his five-star rating. So, the delivery agent found a unique solution to his problem. He booked a Dunzo delivery partner to make sure the coffee order gets delivered.

“but (He) was too lazy to come deliver it here so he Dunzo-ed it to me”, the text read. “And I get a call from him saying ‘Bheiya maine Dunzo kar diya hai, please 5-star rating de dena (I have sent through Dunzo, please give me a 5-star rating)”, the hilarious text read.

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Netizens Applaud Swiggy Delivery Agent’s ‘Management Skills’

Since being shared, the screenshots has been going viral on Twitter with many netizens applauding the Swiggy delivery agent’s “management skills”. Other netizens made use of some technical jargons, making sure the idea of ‘peak Bengaluru’ is driven home.

Similar ‘Peak Bengaluru’ Behaviour Emerged Last Week

It should be noted that earlier last week a similar ‘Peak Bengaluru’ incident was reported. A Bengaluru-based co-founder, who met a guy through matrimonial platform, ended up trying to hire him. The entire incident was brought to attention with a WhatsApp chat between the Bengaluru co-founder and her father.


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