Popular singer Kailash Kher was recently attacked on stage at the Hampi Utsav concert for not singing Kannada song. In the aftermath, two youths were nabbed for attacking the singer. The attack was also caught on video, visuals of which, are making rounds of social media. According to reports, the ‘Teri Deewani’ singer was performing at a concert in Karnataka’s Hampi earlier on Sunday, and was called to delight the viewers on the closing night of the Hampi Utsav.

Kailash Kher in the video can be seen performing at the concert. The singer is singing a popular song ‘Tu Jaane Na’ from the film ‘Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahaani’ when a bottle is flung towards him and misses him by a few inches. However, the singer remains focused on his singing and enjoying on stage, undistracted and unfettered. Meanwhile, an official can be seen removing the bottle Kher was attacked with, from the stage.

According to police, the incident took place during a musical event at the Hampi Utsav on Sunday. Some youths demanded Kher to sing a Kannada song and started throwing bottles at him when their demands were not met.

In the aftermath of the incident, the cops arrested two youths, identified as Pradeep and Surah.

The Facts of the Matter

Locals of different regions are often possessive about their own culture. When a performer or artist comes in their region, they are often subjected to demands of locals to indulge in art work that come from their own culture. However, what happens when an artist continues to perform on his own tune, and doesn’t meet the demands raised?

Recently, popular Indian singer Kailash Kher was subjected to an attack when he was on stage in Hampi. The 49-year-old singer and the lead singer of his band Kailasa was performing on the closing night of the prestigious Hampi Utsav when he was attacked for reportedly not singing a Kannada song on the stage. The attack was caught on cam, visuals of which are going viral.

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What Does the Video Show

The video of the attack shows Kailash Kher singing ‘Tu Jaane Na’ on the stage. Out of nowhere, a half-drunk water bottle is flung at him which misses him by inches. Shockingly enough, the singer remains focused on having a good time, and paid no attention to the mischief done by the miscreants. As Kailash continues to sing without paying attention to the attack, a person behind the stage rushes in and takes away the bottle.

Watch the Video here:

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2 Youths Arrested

According to reports, the attack took place over the singer not singing a Kannada song. Reportedly, since the time Kher took to the stage and started singing, some youths started shouting demands of him singing a Kannada song. When the singer didn’t oblige to the demands, they attacked him by throwing bottles at him.

Meanwhile, the local police arrested two youths, identified as Pradeep (22), and Surah (21). An investigation has also been launched in the matter.

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Kailash Kher had Promoted Event Hours Before

Hours before he was attacked, Kher had taken to social media to promote the event. “India’s ancient city, the Kal section is included in the form of temples and attaris, whose history accelerates world’s appreciation, Shivnad of @bandkailasa #KailasaLiveInConcert will echo today in #HampiMahotsav Even today, all majestic crafts, history, art, music fair, @karnatakaworld @kkaladham”, his Instagram post read.


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