Kangana Ranaut has yet again invited attacks in her one-sided Twitter war against international singer Rihanna. Rihanna on Tuesday tweeted about the ongoing farmers’ protests in India.

Kangana reacted to a tweet where the tweet covered the story of who Rihanna is. In her reply Kangana wrote “Yes please India wants to know, to simplify to Indians, she is a singer much like Sunidhi Chauhan or Neha Kakkar …what is so special about her, well… she can shake her bum cheeks and expose her a** crack right in to the camera lens while singing..ya that’s all. Nothing else.”

As Kangana being Kangana, she didn’t stop here but continued further by writing, “Librus who are getting excited about these American porn stars giving paid opinions about our internal issues, well 99 percent India does not care or respect American way of life, one of the most debouched, money minded and self centred societies. So calm down fools …”

No, No, it doesn’t stop here, there is more to it. In yet another tweet, Kangana added, “She hasn’t released a single song in 5 years, sells make up but looks like she is feeling Corona blues,Forbes estimated incomes are just PR gimmicks big sham,a million or two won’t hurt her right now, also notice in her tweet she did not commit to any opinion just a vague tweet.”

What exactly happened was that Rihanna, on her twitter wall shared a news story which talked about the farmer’s protest that has been happening in India, with her followers, who by the way are more than 100 million. In her tweet she asked, “Why aren’t we talking about this?!” 

Kangana reacted to this, and wrote on her Twitter wall for her followers, which by the way counts around 3 million that, “No one is talking about it because they are not farmers they are terrorists who are trying to divide India, so that China can take over our vulnerable broken nation and make it a Chinese colony much like USA… Sit down you fool, we are not selling our nation like you dummies.”

Hold on everyone, it’s not yet over. Kangana, also responded to a Swedish activist Tweet named Greta Thunberg, who apparently wrote that she stands in ‘solidarity’ with the protesting farmers. 

To this Kangana shared a news report about a 105-year-old organic farmer, called Thunberg a ‘spoilt brat’. Mentioned the activist, who by the way was declared as Time’s Person of the Year in 2019, and been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Kangana wrote, “No fancy activists will talk about genuine environmentalist our own grandma … but they will definitely promote dumb and a spoilt brat ⁦@GretaThunberg⁩ who is being used by entire left lobby and in return she gets to skip her education and school.”