In a hilarious development, a clerk in Kanpur, UP, recently wrote a leave application to bring his wife home after she left him over “pyaar mohobbat ki baat”. In the hilariously candid application, the man mentions that his wife has gone to her “mayeka” after she was upset with him over “pyaar-mohabbat ki baat”.

The Kanpur-based clerk also mentions how his wife left to her maternal home with their daughter, and daughter’s two kids. The man mentions that he is emotionally distressed due to recent developments in his marital life, and to make amends with his wife, and convince her to return, he wants a 3-day leave from his office.

The leave application was first brought to the fore by social media users, who shared a picture of the man’s candid application. In the letter, it can be seen that the application was addressed to the Block Development Officer of Prem Nagar, Kanpur.

Further, the person who sought the leave of absence to get his marital life on track was identified as Shamshad Ahmed. Fortunately for Ahmed, his plight did not fell on deaf ears, and he was granted the three-day leave he was seeking.

The Facts of the Matter

Most of us, who work as 9-5 employees, are guilty of making generic excuses to take leave where we have to attend to some personal work. However, recently a clerk in Kanpur proved that honesty is best policy, especially when it comes to taking leave from work.

Kanpur Clerk Asks for 3-Day Leave

Recently, social media users came across a picture which showed an application written by Shamshad Ahmed to the Block Development Officer. In the letter, Ahmed is seeking a three-day leave from his senior.

Hilariously enough, Ahmed gives a candid and honest reason in the subject line of the application, in which he mentions that he needs leave as he wants to bring his wife, who has gone to her maternal home, back to his home.

“Takraar” Due to “Pyaar-Mohabbat Ki Baat”

If the subject line may seem too candid for our readers, they must wait till we share even more honest description in Ahmed’s application.

In the application, Ahmed mentions how his wife and him ran into a “takraar” (conflict) due to “pyaar-mohabbat ki baat.

Ahmed adds how the missus has left him and has gone to her maternal home with their daughter and her two kids. Ahmed mentions how the situation has caused him great deal of mental distress.

Asking for a three-day leave, Ahmed writes that he will be visiting his village to convince his wife and persuade her to come back home.

Netizens React to Kanpur Clerk’s Application

The letter has been garnering hilarious responses on Twitter, with many people appreciating the man’s honesty.

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