A Kanpur golgappa vendor has gone viral after people found that his English is as good as his food. In a short video uploaded on Instagram, he can be seen introducing himself, his golgappa eatery and what makes it special. What made the entire interaction so unique was that the golgappa vendor spoke in English that netizens pointed, was better than several graduates in India.

The video was first shared by Gaurav Wasan, popular food blogger who got viral amid the Baba ka Dhaba Controversy. The video has garnered several positive reactions and has been viewed over 3 lakh times.

The video comes just days after a woman in Calcutta opened her tea shop called ‘MA English Chai Wali’ and went viral.


We have all accepted English as our second language which we use in our professional lives and even our personal lives. However, when a street vendor or a shopkeeper speaks to us in English, we are left in shock and awe. Thanks to the world now completely connected like a web, small business owners and people providing different services are learning English and are making progress because of the same.

Recently, the video of a golgappa has gone viral, leaving netizens in shock and awe.

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The Facts of the Matter

A golgappa vendor in Kanpur is being applauded for his communication skills and his ability in speaking English, a third language for several people residing in Uttar Pradesh. In the now gone viral video, the vendor identifies himself as Rahul and claims to own the Murli Chaat Store. He further states that he is a graduate and then goes on to explain the dishes he makes and what makes his eatery unique.

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Kanpur Golgappa Vendor’s Impressive English

In the video gone viral, Rahul starts with, “Myself Rahul. A very common name. And we are the famous graduate golgappe wala.”

As he gives the introduction, his hands and mind are all working in unison, preparing the paani for the golgappa. He also adds that his eatery sells dishes like dahi bhalla, dahi puri, etc.

He further shares the secret of what makes his eatery special and said, “My father is very famous for his paani puri and we use homemade masalas to make everything.

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Rahul Also Shows the Famous ‘Dhaniya Aloo’

Other than his delicious looking panipuri and his impressive English, Rahul also impressed the netizens with a snack called Dhaniya Aloo. A weird sounding dish at first, Rahul explains how he takes small chutney glazed potatoes that are also covered with mint, cumin and coriander mixture, and tops them off with a homemade masala. The masala consists of cumin, salt and chili powder, he explains.

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Netizens React to ‘English Gol Gappe Wala’

The video garnered extremely positive response from the netizens Several Instagram users took to the comment section and applauded him for his communication skills, his attitude and his food.

A user commented “Koi kaam chota nhi hota aur kaam se badhke kuch nhi hota. Respect man MBA k baad m bhi yahi karunga job to milni nhi (no job is big or small and nothing is bigger than work itself. I’ll also do the same after MBA, since I may not get job).

Another Instagram user pointed out that he has better English than several graduates in India.

Comments on Instagram Handle of Kanpur Golgappa wala

Comments on Instagram Handle of Kanpur Golgappa wala