In a deeply disturbing video gone viral, a Kanpur-based man can be heard saying, “Yehi tumhari soch hai’, to his wife who is attempting suicide. Instead of helping his wife and calming her down, the man tells her that her thinking is bad. The woman in the video, identified as Shobhita Gupta, was found dead, hanging by the ceiling fan just hours after she was recorded on video trying to end her life.

According to reports, Sanjeev Gupta and Shobhita Gupta were married for five years. The couple also had a 3-year-old daughter, and were in the habit of picking up quarrels frequently. Earlier this week on Tuesday, irked by an argument over old issues, Shobhita went to her room, and tried to hang herself from the ceiling fan.

Instead of bringing her down, Sanjeev started to take the video of the incident, and at one point said, “Bahut kharab soch hai (very poor mindset)”. While the matter was resolved in that moment, about two hours later, the couple fought again, and Shobhita hanged herself from a ceiling fan.

Sanjeev rushed Shobhita to the nearest hospital, where she was declared dead on arrival. Shobhita’s family has since been in shock. “Instead of stopping her, he kept taking the video and talking to her calmly,” one relative was quoted saying.

The Facts of the Matter

In an upsetting incident, a man in Kanpur was arrested after his wife committed suicide. What makes the case deeply troubling, is that the arrested accused recorded his wife trying to hang herself instead of helping her or rescuing her. He further makes shocking comments on his wife’s mental state, and mocks her by saying, “Bahut kharab soch hai”.

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Couple were Married for 5 Years

The arrested accused has been identified as Sanjeev Gupta, who was married to Shobhita Gupta for five years. The couple were in habit of picking up quarrels regularly, reports state. Earlier on Monday, the couple had another argument over a familial domestic issue.

Frustrated by the argument, Shobhita rushed to her room and tried to hang herself from the ceiling fan. Instead of calming his wife down and addressing the issue, Sanjeev pulls out his phone and startes taking a video.

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“Kharab Soch Hai”

He can also be heard saying, “Great. Yehi tumhaari soch hai. Bahut kharab soch hai”, as his wife glares at him with, taking off the nose around her neck. The video ends at that point. The matter was resolved for the moment, and the couple had lunch together.

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Couple has Another Argument, Wife Ends Life

About two hours later, Shobhita and Sanjeev had another argument when they were at terrace. Shobhita left the terrace while Sanjeev stayed there with their two-and-a-half-year-old daughter. A while later, Sanjeev came down from the terrace and found his wife hanging by the ceiling fan in the same room.

Shobhita was rushed to the nearby hospital, where she was declared dead on arrival.

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Accused Husband Arrested

Shobhita’s father Raj Kumar Gupta claimed that Sanjeev showed his in-laws the video he had taken, and even took credit of “saving” Shobhita’s life on her first attempt. An NDTV report quoted Shobhita’s family member saying. “Instead of stopping her, he kept taking the video and talking to her calmly.”

Meanwhile, Raj Kumar Gupta told cops that Sanjeev and his family used to harass Shobhita for dowry, and based on the complaint, Sanjeev was arrested.


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