The video recorded in a sweets shop in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, appears to show a police officer who is purportedly drunk getting into an altercation with the shopkeeper. In the video, the inspector is agitated after being asked to pay for his order. To intimidate the shopkeeper, the inspector threatens to fight, repeatedly shouting “maaroge, maaroge?”. As soon as the incident is recorded on camera, the inspector appears to be aware of the video and takes out his phone. He is then heard talking to someone he calls “sir” and urgently asking his superior to come to the shop.

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In a separate video, a police officer is seen engaging with a shopkeeper in a quarrel-like manner and then asking him how much he must pay for his order. When the shopkeeper informs the inebriated cop that his bill amounts to Rs.110, the officer then attempts to pay using a UPI scan. Unfortunately, due to the cop’s intoxicated state, he becomes confused and is unable to scan the QR code for making payment. The shopkeeper then sarcastically remarks how the cop is so drunk that he cannot even complete the payment process successfully.


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