In a shocking incident, a woman in Kanpur was thrashed and abused by men from neighbourhood for allegedly feeding stray dogs. The video of the shocking incidents shows the victim of assault and harassment being ambushed by a group of men. Despite trying to back off from the group of men, the victim alleged that she was thrashed and abused. She also alleged police inaction in a subsequent interview with the media.

The video of the incident shows a woman having a confrontation with a man. The woman is seen standing to defend the dog and the man in question can be seen advancing to shoo the woman and manhandles her in process. Soon, several other residents of the locality can be seen trying to intervene and take matters in their own hand.

As per an APN report, the victim fed the stray dogs regularly in her area and on the particular day of incident, was shocked to see a man trying to assault a stray with an iron rod. The woman alleged that when she tried to question the man with iron road, he reacted violently, and assaulted her.

In an interview with the media, the victim claimed that she is part of an NGO that works for stray animals.

The Facts of the Matter

A day after we reported about a horrific case of bestiality reported from Mumbai, another shocking incident has emerged where a stray caretaker was attacked by a group of men. The most recent case of assault was reported from Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur.

As per reports, the victim saw her neighbour charging towards the stray dog with an iron rod. When she questioned him about his actions, he reacted violently. He abused her and manhandled her. Following the incident, the woman spoke to media where she gave an entire account of what transpired.

The attack on the woman for the trivial reason of taking care of strays was caught on CCTV, visuals of which are going viral on social media.

Watch the Video here:

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Victim Gives Interview to Media

Following her altercation with the neighbours, the woman spoke to media and detailed the chain of events she witnessed. In her interview, the woman says that she works for an NGO which works for the welfare of stray animals.

The woman claimed that on the day of incident, she was feeding the strays in her area when a neighbour came and charged towards the dog with an iron rod to shoo it away. She claimed that when she asked her neighbour about his actions, he reacted violently and manhandled her. She also alleged that when the matters escalated, the sons of the same neighbour rushed along with other men. They abused her and further manhandled her.

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Woman Alleges Police Inaction

Moreover, the woman alleged that when she called the police, they didn’t assist her and asked her to come to the police station. The woman claimed that she took to the station along with the members of NGO. At the station the same neighbours again attacked the NGO members and misbehaved with them, while the police witnessed the ordeal with complacency.

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UP Police Breaks Silence

After the woman’s shocking allegations regarding police action emerged, the UP police took to Twitter, and claimed that investigation is on in the matter. In a tweet written in Hindi, the UP police said – “Based on the statement of both the parties, the case has been registered in the police station Babupurwa, the investigation is going on.”


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