In a heartbreaking incident reported from Karnataka, a man reportedly handed over his phone without a SIM card to his 80-year-old mother and abandoned her in temple. The incident was reported from Karnataka’s Koppal district and was brought to the fore earlier this Thursday. The elderly abandoned woman was identified as Khasim Bi.

According to Khasim Bi’s account, she hails from the Ujjayani village and was brought to the popular temple Huligemma in Koppal’s Huligi village earlier this week.

Her son, who she has not been able to tell more about, had handed her a basic phone, and had asked her to wait for his call. He had also handed her a sheet of paper, and had told her that the paper contained his phone number, in case she needs to call him.

Earlier on Wednesday evening, devotees at the temple saw the elderly woman sitting on her own, looking for her son as she dealt with the elements of the nature without being attended by anyone. The locals provided the elderly woman with some food and a blanket.

The locals then checked her phone and found that the phone was without any SIM card. Further, the son had reportedly handed his elderly mother an empty sheet of paper.

The Facts of the Matter

In India’s relation-based culture, where one’s bond with their family is treated as a virtue, the mistreatment of the elderly in the country is not only spoken about, but also remains vastly undocumented.

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State of Mistreatment Against Elderly in India

According to the Longitudinal Survey of India, at least one in 20 elderly people (aged above 60) experienced mistreatment from their family between 2017 and 2018. The number can be drastically more in recent time due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which triggered a mass migrant crisis and severe financial crunch among people in unorganized sector.

Recently, a similar horrifying incident of elderly mistreatment emerged from Karnataka, where an 80-year-old woman was abandoned by her own son at a temple.

Elderly Woman from MP Visits Popular Temple

According to a Freepress report, the elderly woman’s name is Khasim Bi, who hails from the Ujjayani village, Madhya Pradesh. As per her account, her son brought her to the famous Huligemma temple in Koppal district earlier this week.

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Son Hands Over Mobile, Paper with his Number Written

The son handed his mother a basic mobile phone and a sheet of paper. The man told his mother that the sheet of paper contained his phone number, and she can reach out to her if she needs so.

On Wednesday night, the locals spotted the elderly woman sitting by herself unattended. The locals rushed to help the woman, and provided her with a blanket and food.

Mobile had No SIM, No Number on Sheet of Paper

The locals then checked the mobile phone that was handed to the elderly by her son and found out that it carried no SIM card.

Further, when they checked the sheet of paper, they found out that it was empty and did not carry the son’s number, as per his claims. The locals soon reached out the Senior Citizens Helpline.

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Woman Shifted to Old Age Home

Soon, Muttanna Gudneppanavar, the National Senior Citizens Helpline Zonal officer, reached the spot with his team and took the elderly woman to an old age home.  The authorities have so far not been able to track the elderly woman’s family as she could not provide any more information. Further investigation in the matter is on.


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